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My Assignment As A Cat Is Now Done

Posted by terrepruitt on July 10, 2014

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYo, Gentle YogaThanks, God.  I had a good time.  Those last few days were rough and my mama feels really bad, but they are over now.  Hopefully she can forgive herself.  I know that was one of the lessons I was there to help her learn.  Forgiveness.  I think I did ok, not that she got it, but I was good at it, right, God?  I didn’t hold a grudge like I hear a lot of cats do.  When my parents came home after being gone I would try to do the “catly” thing and give them an attitude.  I would be at the door waiting, then when I got picked up I would strain to get away, but I just couldn’t keep it up for more than a minute.  I was always so excited they came back.  And when I got scolded for doing something I just couldn’t help myself from doing, I would often be the one to go get my mama after a short while.  I did ok, right?  I do have to say, I love my wings, but I kinda miss that short tail you gave me.  I never quite understood my mom’s fascination with my paws though.  She used to hold them and stare at them. She would squeal, “Pink toes!  Pink toes!  Pink toes!”  And sometimes hold my feet saying, “Your paws are so TINY!!!”  I guess I was smaller than a lot of cats.  But I was a fierce protector of my house, my yard, and my people!  So really I wasn’t all that small.

I really had no idea what I was in for when you asked for volunteers.  I understand that being an angel is forever and forever is a long time, so I figured an assignment would be interesting.  I had heard that it could be risky because once one volunteers it is up to you, God, to place us and sometimes the placement might be really difficult.  I know that not all angels get good homes and loving families.  So I really, really appreciate you sending me to my family.  I know I was sent to teach them and like I said, I think I did a good job.  I hope you agree.  I know they loved me with all of their hearts.  I know my mama thought I was the best kitty in the universe because she told me every single day.  And I heard her thank you for me all the time.  I heard her say I was a gift from you.  I know I was special because they treated me that way.

But, God, I am afraid I didn’t teach her all she needs to learn.  I think I left too early.  I know they were hoping I would be around for longer.  I know she still needs me.  She always gave me hugs, but lately she would give me hugs when she was sad and missed her mama.  Who is she gonna hug now, God?  Are you sure she will be ok?

I might be back to my angel form now, God, but I still have some of that cat stubbornness inside.  I want to see my mama.  I want to make sure her and my poppie are ok.  Can I see them, God, please?

Well, it is really hard to see them cry.  Can’t I let them know I am ok?

Oh, I do see that even though I am not there, my mom is still learning.  Through my death she is learning to be a little bit more compassionate.  My poppie didn’t need to learn the same stuff my mom did.

God, one more thing — for now — will they recognize me when they get here even though I don’t have my tiny paws or short tail.  Will they know it’s me?  I sure would love more belly rubs from my poppie.  I loved all the kisses my mom gave me.  Even though she gave me hundreds and hundreds every day . . . . it really doesn’t seem like enough now.  If I walk around her in a circle she might get the clue that it is me.  Then she can give my head more kisses.  Is that how it works, God?

My not being there seems to make her more sad about the deaths that have happened in her family this year.  (Sigh.)  Ok, God, thanks.  I am done looking now.  I will just trust you and your plan.  I do miss ’em though.  Thanks, again.  I love them as much as they loved me.

23 Responses to “My Assignment As A Cat Is Now Done”

  1. Joan Meyer said

    wow!!! so well done Terre!! You should send that in to Chicken Soup for the Soup people!!
    But I’m so sad for you to have to deal with another death in your family!! They say things come in 3s… so you’re done! You make me appreciate my 15year old cat even more!! Hugs to you!


    • Thanks.

      I often think of you and giggle because when I met you, you said, “I’m not a cat person. But I have a cat.” And then you told me you’ve had a cat for 13+ years. LOL! Although I don’t like to label myself as a “cat person” either because to some people that implies I don’t like dogs. I like dogs and cats — as long as they are well-behaved.

      Thanks for the hugs! Thanks for reading and commenting. Hugs back to you!


  2. That made me cry. With two older cats and an aging dog with a heart condition, I’m so afraid of the day they leave me. Spot the Cat had a good life with you — and is now looking over you to make sure you’re OK. 🙂 Sort of like your own personal rainbow.


  3. niachick said

    So sweet. And perhaps she would like for you to save another kitty from a shelter so that her sweet spirit can be near you again to receive hugs and kisses.


  4. Patti said

    Terre, what a beautiful & loving tribute to your kitty. I know she is smiling down on you & hoping some of your sadness goes away soon & then you can smile every time you think of her. Our pets are truly a blessing. Sending good thoughts and hugs your way💞


  5. Cheryl McGovern said

    Loved reading this Terre. You are a talented writer and creative in how how you express your feelings and told your story through your cat. I think it is a perfect time to get a new kitty. As you know there are 1,000s seeking a home and what a wonderful mother loving gift you have to give. May you feel surrounded by love and may you be at peace with this life just as it is. moment by moment. Hugs and kisses.


    • Thanks. It is my hope/wish. I am not convinced I want a cat. Spot was really not super cat-like, so I am not sure we can do the cat thing. :-). And, now is certainly not the time for us. Everyone is different. Some people rush put and get a new pet right away. Not us.

      But we are always wanting hugs and kisses. Thanks!


  6. Danielle said

    Nicely written, Terre. Spot does love you as much as you love her. 🙂


  7. Sonja said

    Aww.. I had to stop twice, pet my dog and continue reading through tears. My kitties will get lots of attention today. Thanks for a moving tribute to Spot. She was clearly loved and cherished.


  8. Honey, this is a very beautiful story. Thank you. Spot loved us both, but I know she really really really loved her mama.


  9. Jen said

    That was sweet Terre. It made me cry ’cause I know how sad and empty you feel without her. I felt the same way when we lost Arthur. I was really amazed at how deep and how long his death affected me. I felt silly going on for so long about it, but it was really hard to shake. For you and all you have endured lately, I’m so sad and sorry. I know you are trying hard to be positive and stay strong. Don’t stop yourself when you need to cry out of the blue. No matter where you are, feel the pain and the grief. It helps get it out of your system if you just let it flow. I love you honey. Let’s get together soon 🙂


    • Thanks, Jen. I knew Spot’s death would be hard for me.

      Thanks for the permission to be sad. Thanks for accepting me being sad. It does help to let it out, so I have been. Writing a blog post helps, just like with my mom. People support me through social media helps too (and in person, too, of course).

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


  10. Angelica said

    Dear Spot
    I have never met you but I feel like I have now that I read this even after you left. Thank you for sharing!! You know angels are sooooo important to us all, thank you for volunteering!! Lots of LOVE, Angelica.


  11. Sorry you lost your cat/furfriend. Another adventure ends and a new one begins.

    Liked by 1 person

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