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Archive for December 1st, 2015

Don’t Forget – For December 2015

Posted by terrepruitt on December 1, 2015

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia TechniqueOoooooo!  It is December!  Wow!  Time sure flies.  I can barely believe it is December.  The last push before Christmas and the New Year.  Whew!  So much to do.  So much going on.  And I am not even really that busy.  It just seems like there is more to do than time.  I thought I would start the blogging month off with some reminders about things from pasts posts you might want to be aware of for December.

The first one I always think about is the easy and yummy salad recipe.  It is usually the item I am asked to bring to dinner with my in-laws.  It is not because it is my specialty or anything, it is more because of – at least I think – that my husband’s family has food traditions and customs that, even after 20 years, I am not that familiar with.  One year I was asked to bring glazed carrots.  I had no idea what that was.  I don’t ever remember seeing them at the family dinners so I didn’t think they were in high demand.  So I brought a very small dish of them.  I am thinking I didn’t bring enough, or they weren’t good, so I was not asked to bring them again.  The Southern dinner table and the Mediterranean dinner table differ greatly when it comes to side dishes.  Anyway . . . my friend brought this Pear and Walnut Green Salad to my bridal shower and I have loved it ever since.  You might have an event you want to bring it to.

Then there is a post regarding Wrapping Tips.  I am still shredding those small scraps of wrapping paper to use in boxes and bags.  To me it is a nice way to add a different look to gifts and it is festive.  I like to have different looking gifts.  I like both gift bags and wrapped gifts – with different wrapping paper to be under the tree.  So using shredded wrapping paper in some bags and tissue paper in others really helps get that menagerie going.

Another post, Greenies Reduce Holiday Waste, has some tips about how to reduce the waste of wrapping paper entirely.  One idea I especially love is to use kids drawings as packing paper or as wrapping paper.  I think that it would be very special to receive a gift wrapped in a drawing.  And I know some kids draw A LOT and parents just don’t know what to do with the stacks and stacks of drawings.  This would be a great way to use them.  I think it would help show that the drawing even though it can’t be displayed in the house is still very special.

And – whowee!  Has it been cold for us here.  Yes, I know it is not comparable to some areas, but for us, in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has been a wee bit cold.  So I in my post, Scarves (isn’t that original?), I shared how to wear a scarf for cold weather as taught to me by an Easterner.  I really was doing it wrong up until she showed me!

There have been many versions of the book tree.  I love this idea.  I first saw it from my friend.  Here is a A Book Tree By Simon.

There there is the post that has videos or links to other people’s ideas, Wrapping, Wreathing, And Blinging Ideas.  An easy way to wrap hard-to-wrap items, an easy and inexpensive wreath, and a homemade, but very expensive looking ornament.

One of my favorite ideas is making a Christmas Tree using your Christmas cards.  I posted about it in my post CeCe’s Creative Christmas Card Display.

Well, I hope this helps you with your Holidays.  Perhaps gives you some ideas.  Or perhaps you have some ideas already and you want to share?  Yeah, go ahead, share!

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