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Caprese Bites

Posted by terrepruitt on July 20, 2016

You’ve probably seen these before.  I know I have.  I don’t know where, but I know that when I saw them I wanted to make them.  I was having company over last weekend and I didn’t know what to make because I didn’t know who was eating what and we usually end up with so much food.  I decided I would do these as an appetizer and supply the dessert and the company could bring the rest.  Worked out great!  🙂  As I said I had remembered seeing these before, but didn’t bother to look them up because I thought I could figure them out.  I did, but as I sat down to write this I thought I would give it a quick look-see.  I should have looked before I made them because, of course, there are much better ways to present them shown on the internet.  Mine were ok, and I will probably do it again, but I do like the swishy drizzle.  Not that I could ever accomplish that.  I tried to drizzle and the new thing from Costco that is on the balsamic vinegar, just dripped it all over the plate.  I gave up and used a spoon.  Anyway . . . here is a quick and yummy appetizer.  Caprese salad or as I am calling these Caprese Bites.


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A tub of mozzarella balls
two tubs of grape tomatoes
a bunch of basil
balsamic vinegar

Drain the mozzarella and let it dry out a little bit.  Wash your basil if you desire, then let it dry a bit.  Wash the tomatoes and let them dry.  Then cut the mozzarella balls in half.  Sprinkle the cheese with salt.  Then decide the order.  I had cheese-tomato-basil.  Then stick a tooth pick through the cheese, then the tomato, then a basil leaf.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with a little salt.


So, I made these last weekend.  I didn’t take a picture.  I had leftover cheese, so I made them again for this post.  I salted the cheese the second time I made these.  Then I salted the entire “bite” after I drizzled on the balsamic vinegar.  I barely used an salt and half of it rolls off.  But I really think the salt helps bring out the flavor in everything.  Salt is a flavor enhancer.  YUM.

Also the second time, I tried to stick the tomato on one side . . . in other words NOT IN THE MIDDLE.  I tried to pierce it closer to one side of the tomato so it would rest better on the plate.  I did also try doing it with the tomato on the bottom and the toothpick up in the air, I didn’t like that.  It probably would have worked better with the cheese on the bottom.  Or if the tomatoes are cut.

Either way . . . such an easier appetizer.  And so yummy.  I actually assembled it the night before.  But I put the vinegar and salt on right before I served it.  Both kind of make the cheese “melty”.  So it got a little messy.  But it was still good.

I was actually surprised how much I liked them.  I made a lot and I think I ate most of them.  My hubby and I even had a few in the days that followed.

Now we have more.  Yay!  Yum!

Have you made these before?  How do you assemble them?

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5 Responses to “Caprese Bites”

  1. Michele Moyer said

    So delicious! They also look very nice on the plate – Thank you! I have not made these, but I will 🙂


  2. I love those! My friend uses chunks of feta and they are oh so good.


  3. This look yummy! Have you ever considered using the basil leaves to make a dressing with the balsamic vinegar and charring the tomatoes and mozzarella balls quickly with a Kitchen Blow Torch?
    And then drizzle on the dressing?

    Liked by 1 person

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