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Cats At Play

Posted by terrepruitt on July 12, 2021

Since my job is that of a movement instructor I don’t get up and get ready with showering and make-up. When I first started teaching I tried that because I didn’t like to face people without make-up but it just ended up smudged all over my face and so I had to give that up. It made it quick to get ready in the morning. I could basically get up twenty minutes before I had to leave.  But I feel that I have an additional job that requires I wake up at least an hour before I need to start getting ready (even though I (currently) teach from home via Zoom, there is still some getting ready that is required). The hour before I need to start getting ready is used for playing with our cats. For those of you that know cats, you know that the entire time playing with cats isn’t necessarily spent actually PLAYING, but I try.

I have learned that sometimes it is not about the action or the toy. I believe that sometimes they just like to do the waiting game together. You know the one where someone just swings the flyer back and forth (or up and down) and they just sit there watching and waiting? They seem content to just let me play with the toy. And while I sometimes get bored and frustrated I really do believe that is part of the play for them and they enjoy it. We are together.

Recently it occurred to me that I am dang fortunate that waiving a toy around or using one to poke under the Ripple Rug is entertainment to them. I remember thinking one morning how funny it was that something so simple brings them so much joy. Then my “oh, how funny” turned into “Thank God!” What if they required something more complicated? What if I had to come up with challenging things above and beyond a change of toy or an occasional “adventure” here or there? Egads I would be in trouble.

I do feel that indoor cats can become bored and that is why I get up every day with the sole purpose of playing with them, and I do think they need a change of pace every once in a while, but I grateful for the most part that they find so much joy in the simple things.

What is your cat’s favorite toy?

4 Responses to “Cats At Play”

  1. They sure do like people’s attention. Especially in the morning to make up for the long night.


  2. Michelle said

    That’s great that you do that every day. One of my cats loves her squeaky mouse toy, but the other cat is terrified of it. 😂


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