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Summer Reading

Posted by terrepruitt on August 4, 2021

What are you reading? For me, it is more like, “Summer Listening To” as I listen to the books via Audible.  There is a series I love about a character named Andrea Vernon. the third book just came out.  I knew it was coming so I listened to the first two again. I have listened to the first two three times.  I have laughed out loud all three times. Andrea Vernon and the characters are hilarious.  I will probably listen to the first two again, but put off listening to the third one again for a while.  Hoping Alexander C. Kane will give us more stories from that world.

Then I listed to three books that revolve around the Firefly series. They were very entertaining. Ya kinda know that the crew is always going save the day and get out of the mess they are in, but you never quite know how.

Then I listed to “The Salvage Crew”, primarily because it was read by Nathan Fillion who played the captain of Firefly (as well as Castle and is currently starring in the Rookie).

Then I listened to “Then She Was Gone”. It is set in England and I just love the narrators accent. It was also interesting how the author let us hear from so many of the characters.

I am currently listening to “The Kite Runner”.

What about you . . . what are you reading?

8 Responses to “Summer Reading”

  1. Donna S Holt said

    I read Kite Runner a couple of years ago and found it very engaging. I recently read, where the crawdads sing. It was a mystery til the end. The one I liked the best so far was A Life Interupted by Charles Martin. It was a football story about forgiveness and redemption.


    • Hello Donna! I miss you. The Kite Runner is much older than I realized. It is 18 years old! I read “Where the Crawdads Sing”. That was a good one! I will look into “A Life Intercepted” (a football pun). It sounds familiar. I listen to them so I can get through them a bit faster than if I were reading them because I listen while I cook dinner and clean the kitchen, so I can easily get an hour or two in every night. I finished The Kite Runner and I am trying to decide on my next listen, but I am READING “The Art of Inheriting Secrets”. I don’t even know what it is about, I am FB friends with the author so I thought I would check it out.


  2. Joan Meyer said

    I, also, mainly listen to my books! Great when on the road in a car also! Just finished 2 great books about the same topic, but quite different. “the giver of stars”, by Jojo Moyes ; and “the book women of troublesome creek”….enjoy!!


    • I listened to “The Giver of Stars” too. I enjoyed it. Right now I am listen to a book by the author of “The Martian”. It is quiet entertaining so far. (“Hail Mary”)

      Thanks for sharing!


      • joan said

        I actually liked “the book women of troublesome creek”….even better than Giver of Stars. At first I didn’t like the reader….but after a bit it was fine! Give it a listen! Warning…. it kept me up at night listening and not sleeping! Enjoy!


        • The reader is everything. I almost quit a book because the reader was so bad. He didn’t even try to make different voices for the different people so I always had to rewind to figure out who was talking. Half the time I thought the characters were talking to themselves IT WAS TORTURE to get through the book. I really wanted to get to the end of the story so I suffered. But I will NEVER listen to anything read by him again! When I originally posted about “The Giver of Stars” someone told me about the other book. I felt they were so similar I didn’t think to read “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek”. Interesting that you liked it better.


  3. joan said

    I actually listen mostly to non fiction….. esp if read by the author!

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