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Here’s A Stretch Routine

Posted by terrepruitt on March 18, 2020

There are so many blog posts out there with helpful advice on what to do while being quarantined at home. The blogs cover all types of situations: people with kids, people working from home, people working from home with kids, how to stave off panic and anxiety . . . you name it you can find it. I don’t feel the need to add to that because . . . as I said, there are A LOT of post out there where you can get all those ideas. And, as with my last post, I might not be writing a post to the masses because this is going to be a little stretch routine. Tomorrow will be the first cancelled stretch class and I want to give my students something to do. Of course anyone can do this but some of it might not be really clear because I am not typing out DETAILED instructions on how to do the stretches. But my students will hopefully recognize them and be able to do them. In the weeks to come I might give some instructions on some of the stretches, but for now I am just putting out a routine so they will have something to do tomorrow morning.

I was communicating with one of my students and she confirmed that when she read the yoga routine she heard my voice. I am sure that as my students move through the stretches they will hear my voice and really not need detailed instructions. Once they start to move their body into the stretch my voice will click on and then they will know it. Sadly I probably say the same thing for the same pose and stretch every time. I am surprised they don’t get tired of hearing it.

Anyway . . . I should have mentioned in my last post what I am about to say here: get out of stretches (or poses) slowly and mindfully.

If you have any questions about this little routine please contact me. I have no idea how it will look/sound to someone that has not taken my class. In fact I don’t know how it will look to my students, but I know they will contact me if they have questions.  It was created for a 60 minute class.

Oh, I do have a post on the 13 Joint Exercise so you can learn about that if you are not familiar.  It is a Nia exercise.

Are you doing any routines or exercise at home?


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