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Posts Tagged ‘Berryessa Art and Wine Festival’

Dancing Bug Butts

Posted by terrepruitt on March 13, 2019

There used to be this really cool Art and Wine Festival that my husband and I used to go to whenever we could. They always do it on Mother’s Day weekend so there were times when we would be visiting my mother so we wouldn’t be able to attend. It is a one day festival, which I think makes it a little challenging for the actual artists because driving from afar and setting up just for one day might not always be worth it. It used to be my favorite festival. It was small, but big enough that we could always find a lot of stuff to buy. And over the years we became friends with a few of the artists and so we would hang out in their booths and visit with them. One of the artists was the creator of solar art.  He put together things with solar cells and they would spin.  He made solar bugs. The festival isn’t the same as it used to be, it is less artists with really cool stuff and more like booths of merchandise that you can buy from Oriental Trading Company. At least that was how it was the last time I stopped by.  We don’t make it a point to attend, but we did hear from the solar guy recently.

The artist of the solar bugs sent us a note at the end of last year and said that he had redesigned his “solar dragonfly’ and offered us one because we had always been such great customers. So we are the lucky recipients of this newly designed solar dragonfly. His past designs were the same in that the sun made the bug move around and his spiral wire butt danced. But they used to be secured on a small metal stake, so they would stick in the ground. This new design is for hanging. Since the bug is not secured to a stake at the bottom, Jon, the creator, has attached things on a ring that spins around.

These bugs are so funny. They make me happy watching them dance around. When the sun is bright and hitting the solar cells just right they really get moving. As they get less light they start to slow down. It is really fun when they are getting all the light.

If anyone is interested in buying a dancing solar dragonfly for your yard let me know. I can get you in touch with Jon so you can order one (or more)!


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Berryessa Art and Wine Festival, 34th Annual – May 9, 2009!

Posted by terrepruitt on May 2, 2009

Come join the fun and help support the music programs at local schools. I almost feel like my blog has become one big service announcement, oh, yeah, my blog, my rules and I like to share things. This festival is so great is because it benefits the schools’ music programs.

NOTE!! This is from 2008 (2009s festival is on May 9--Saturday!)

NOTE! This is the 2008 Sign! The 2009 Festival is on Saturday MAY 9th!


From what I hear this is San Jose’s oldest festival. It is awesome. It is generally small enough to go through in an hour or so, but my husband and I usually spend hours there because we start talking to the vendors and next thing you know we have a new friend.

This festival is also way better than the cancelled-and-you-have-to-know-why-Milpitas Art and Wine Festival because, funny enough, they actually have wine from various wineries. I don’t know what happened to the Milpitas Art and “Wine” Festival, but there was only one winery and it was a winery from which wine is sold at supermarkets for just about $5.00 a bottle and they were expecting attendees to pay more than that per glass. Um . . . .and that might be why there will not be a Milpitas Art and Wine Festival this year. But . . . . the past years at Berryessa there have been at least four wineries. I have a choice. I like that. I go to a festival to try different wine.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but Art and Wine Festivals need our love and attention. This one is only ONE DAY so you have to go Saturday. You don’t have the option of going Sunday. It is in San Jose, really close off of 680 and Berryessa. It is so easy to get to.

The San Jose festival will have micro-breweries, about 100 vendors, local wineries, food from community groups, and a place for the kids to play. There will also be entertainment. They often set the stage up a little bit apart from the vendors, and I know some people that have missed it entirely, so be sure to check to see who is playing.

Let’s keep is going!

Saturday, May 9, 2009, 10 am to 5 pm

Free event!

Penitencia Creek Park
3060 Penitencia Creek Road

Or the Berryessa Community Center
3050 Berryessa Road San Jose, CA 95132

The festival is in the space between both streets.


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