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Spazzy Cat

Posted by terrepruitt on July 26, 2017

If you have read any of my blog posts you probably know that we have two cats. We had a cat . . .she was an angel . . . unlike any cat, but she died. We had her for 14 years. It took me a long time (about a year) to even thinking about getting another cat. Then I heard about a cat cafe (actually an adoption lounge) and decided to volunteer there. Then we started thinking about getting a cat. I had been stuck with the idea that I had to get a kitten, but that just seemed so daunting. Then I realized we could get a young cat. CAT. Not two, just one.  But the one I wanted came as a pair.  She was bonded with her sister. That stalled our acquisition, but then once the sister came out of where she was hiding we knew we wanted her too. They are both GREAT cats. I don’t know about you, but I love it when animals play by themselves. It is so cute. I can be in another part of the house and hear a toy. It makes me laugh. But the odd thing is, once they see you watching them they stop. So anytime I am able to get a video it is from far away. Here is just a quick video of Nessa playing with a toy.

This was shot when they first were let out of quarantine. You will see a beer box at the end of the couch. When they are in quarantine we used boxes as places they could go to get away from each other and us. And since we were trying to keep the possibility of infection down, we would just throw the boxes away and get new ones. When they first were let out after being locked up for 30 days we thought they might like to have some familiar to use. It was a new box because — again, didn’t want to spread anything. I think they did hang out in them for a little while. But it is tiring having garbage around so I doubt they were around long. Now they have tunnels and things they can hide in.

This is just 38 seconds of Nessa being spazzy.

Do you like it when animals play by themselves?  Do you have an animal that plays by itself?  Does your pet stop when it sees you watching? 


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