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Posts Tagged ‘Christmas Songs’

Christmas Music I’m Listening To In 2017

Posted by terrepruitt on December 13, 2017

While I was decorating for Christmas and making some Christmas gifts I was listening to Christmas music. I was listening to Pandora. I have a few Christmas CDs, but I thought I would listen to something else to see if there was any new stuff out there. To me it seems as if anyone sings they’ve done a Christmas album. Most often it is the same Christmas songs over and over. I have to admit that sometimes I like a new version of a traditional Christmas song. I can still like the old version, but it is nice to hear a new take on it. Well, this year on Pandora I was introduced to a Christmas album a couple of years old that had new-to-me songs on it.  PLUS there are two versions of two songs that I didn’t even think I liked until I heard this group’s version. A couple of the songs I liked so much, I talked my hubby into an early Christmas gift of the album. The album I am talking about is Train’s Christmas in Tahoe.

First of all, last year was the first time – that I know of – that I had heard Joni Mitchell’s River (1971). And the version I heard I did not like. I think it turns out that I just don’t like any Christmas songs that particular artist sings on her album (2014). She has WAY TOO MANY dramatic pauses and they are WAAAAAAAY too long. Geez. It is to the point of annoying. So I thought I didn’t like the song. But I like Train’s version. Just now, before I typed this, I listened to their version then listened to the other artist’s version. I realized – as I FORCED myself to listen to the whole song -I had never listened to the whole song by that artist because I just don’t like it or so I thought. Turns out it is her version I don’t like.  I need to listen to Joni Mitchell’s version to see how it is for me.

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There is not one song on this album that I skip. And I was really happy to see that the album/CD has bonus tracks on it. It was purchased from Amazon so we had advanced access to it on Amazon music, but when the CD arrived it had more songs on it. Yay. Amazon music has 15 tracks, but the CD has 20! And one of them I don’t ever remember ever having heard.  Have you heard of The Cherry Tree Carol?

What Christmas music are you listening to?  What is your favorite Christmas song?

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Top Three Halloween Songs

Posted by terrepruitt on October 30, 2017

Not many holidays or occasions have a plethora of music associated with them. New Year’s has one song, Auld Lang Syne. Any love song might be attached to Valentine’s Day, but I can’t think of a specific song that comes to many-a-mind for the occasion. Easter has the one song about Peter Cottontail and his bunny trail. I can’t think of ONE Fourth Of July Song nor does any song come to mind for Thanksgiving. But Christmas and Halloween have a lot of songs. Christmas has songs written just for the Holiday itself AND the surrounding season. Halloween might have a few written just for it, but it seems like most songs that are associated with Halloween just got that way because they mention monsters. Additionally, songs that mention the devil, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, the moon, werewolves, and anything “Halloweeny” seem to get lumped into the Halloween Song category. Ha, if it mentions candy, some might put it in the pile of Halloween songs . . . thinking specifically about Bow Wow Wow’s I Want Candy – even though that song has NOTHING to do with the sweet confection known as candy! It is my opinion that there are, presently, three main songs that the majority thinks about when they think about Halloween songs. Of course, I am not saying that there are not a lot of other songs, but I am just talking about the top three – what I think of as most people knowing and thinking of when they think of Halloween.

I think the top three are – and this is not in order of popularity or in order of which I think people think of them:

Thriller. Michael Jackson’s Thriller has scary sound effects.  The video has monsters in it and then there is a cool dance associated with the song. I believe this is how it earned its place as one of the all time Halloween songs. Surprising to me, Thriller only made it to number 4 on Billboard Hot 100. It got to number two on the Billboard Hot Digital Singles Chart in 2009, after Michael Jackson died.

Then there is This is Halloween. C’mon it is stating that it is Halloween. I think ever since 1993, when the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas came out, that has been a top Halloween song. The song was written by Danny Elfman and recorded by the cast of the movie. In 2006 Marilyn Manson recorded for a special release of the movie’s soundtrack. This is Halloween has not been around as  long as Thriller, but I think it is here to stay.

And then there is the Monster Mash. This song has been around the longest. The Monster Mash was released in 1962. I am not sure if it has been a Halloween hit for 55 years, but I know that it has been a Halloween hit for as long as I can remember. In 1962, this song was number from October 20 to October 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has hit the charts again twice, once in August of 1970 and once in May of 1973.

So that my opinion regarding the most popular Halloween songs. Again, I am not saying that there are not others that are super popular, but I just think that these three are the ones that the majority think about.

What about you? What do you think? What song come to mind when you think of Halloween?

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