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Keep Moving

Posted by terrepruitt on August 21, 2019

I wrote this post four years ago when I started watching Grace and Frankie. I found it and thought I would post it because it still holds true, except now they are four years older. I don’t even remember the episode in which she put her foot in the kitchen sink . . . they’ve done so much since then. And, yeah, it is crap, but it is funny crap.

Okay, let’s make a deal: I won’t judge you and your choice of TV shows, if you don’t judge me. Well, to be honest, I won’t judge you even if you do judge me, because I know I watch crap. In fact, I think all TV (except some documentaries) series are crap. I do believe TV is crap, however, sometimes there is some pretty funny crap on TV. Recently I came across Grace and Frankie. Funny crap. What made me even look at it was the picture that came up on Netflix. It is a Netflix original series and the ad for it was RIGHT there on our opening screen. I didn’t recognize Jane Fonda at first. The picture looked a little “too young” in my opinion. So I clicked on the whatever to take me to the summary and I couldn’t believe it and could not imagine that (the situation on which the series is built) happening so I decided to watch the first episode. Regardless of what you may think of Jane Fonda that woman is impressive.  Any the my main point to this post is you gotta keep moving.

I was sharing how amazed I was by the way Jane Fonda looked and someone said, “Yeah well, I am sure she has had a lot of work done.” I said I didn’t care I still thought she looked amazing. Then another friend piped in and said something to the effect that, yeah she is 77 so she has had to have work done, but it doesn’t LOOK like it. Sometimes you look at people and you want to know who their doctor is so you NEVER go to them. I agreed.

But what really amazed me was in one episode she had just some in from the beach and she wanted to rinse off her foot, in the kitchen sink. She just swung her leg up into the sink. Yup, 77 years old. I know a lot of 17 year olds that couldn’t do that. Then she swung it down. And she swung her OTHER leg up on the counter to dry it off — which is funny because she didn’t actually rinse that one — at least that we saw. But anyway, my point is, so amount of cosmetic surgery is going to help you swing your leg up into a kitchen sink.

You might not have the means or money or desire to keep your face looking young. You may not want to get nips and tucks to look svelte. But I hope you want to be able to walk with comfort and ease. And keeping your joints flexible doesn’t cost anything. Working to keep your mobility and strength up doesn’t require a cosmetic surgeon.

I know I will never look like Jane Fonda, but I do hope that when I am 77 I am still washing my feet in the sink and drying them on the counter.

Let me not close without saying that Lily Tomlin looks positively lovely in this show too. I am thinking she is in good looking shape, too, but her character wears long flowy things so we never really get to see. But again, who cares. She is in her 70s to and she is doing a TV series for Heaven’s sake. I am not in the industry of TV or movies, but I do understand that it is not easy. They might make it look easy but it is not. So any of these people past 70 doing TV and movies have to be in pretty decent shape. It is just the cherry on top if they look great doing it.

Move it or lose it!

Do you watch Grace and Frankie? Do you agree that a body needs to move in order to keep moving?

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