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Best Intentions Derailed

Posted by terrepruitt on July 19, 2011

Wow.  I was practicing a new-to-me Nia routine this morning.  I had taught it Monday but to me there is always room for improvement.  I can always know my music more intimately.  I can always cue better.  I can always do a move differently.  That is the thing about Nia.  There is always so many ways to do the move.  I find that it is best to keep it simple when first introducing a new routine.  It is best to just do the basics and let the class get it down a bit before showing them any alternatives.  The Nia students that get the basics down quickly can easily pick up on alternative ways to do the move themselves.  Because they are already at the point of expanding.  But I try to remember to keep it simple so I like to practice and learn it better.  It is not always easy when the music just “makes” you move.  It is easy to get carried away in the music and just start dancing.  That is what Nia allows you to do, stick to the routine or dance your own dance.  Well, this morning I kind of had a “routine”.  Well, at least I had a plan.  Ok, maybe more accurately I had a list.  But sometimes even though you start out doing the first thing on the list and even the second thing, you get off the path.

It doesn’t even have to be a big thing that gets you off track.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Sometimes it could be a little thing or a good thing that derails you.  But either way, you are off track.  You find yourself at 11:00 pm with nothing to post about.  I thought I had all afternoon to think of something, research it if necessary, write it up, then post, but I got off track.

THEN . . . I typed up this entire post.  I was just about to add a link and save it and the laptop I was working on shut down.  And I was writing in Notepad because I don’t like writing in the little box that WordPress gives me nor do I like the “full page version”.  I write in Notepad, the laptop doesn’t have MS Word so it doesn’t automatically save. So this is my SECOND attempt at this post.  And I am sorry to say, but the first one was much better.  I had deposited all my thoughts onto the screen so I forgot them.

I am that way.  I write something down so I don’t have to remember it and believe me, I don’t.  I type up a thought, an idea, a post, I don’t remember it.  It as if putting it in type takes it out of my head and leaves a blank spot.  Which I guess can lead me right back to my post.  I had a blank spot for it.

I even found myself click on “random articles” on Wiki.  I figured I was safe clicking on “random” on wiki it is not like video roulette where I don’t know what I’ll get.  I got a few about people I had never heard of.  One person had been in “Charles in Charge” so I have been signing that for an hour.  But another was about “Feather Bowling”.  Made me laugh.  Apparently:

Feather Bowling is a game played with wooden balls shaped like wheels of cheese. The balls are rolled down a dirt or synthetic alley towards a feather sticking out of the dirt at the other end. The object of the game is to get the ball as close to the feather as possible.

The only place to play the game in the United States is the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit, Michigan.

Who knew?  Well now we do.  And some of us might even have the theme song from Charles in Charge in our head.  Either way, I posted and I shared and that is where I am right now.  How about you?  Signing?  Dancing?  Writing down thoughts and forgetting them?  Feather bowling?  Staying on track?  Talk to me . . . .

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