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Today Is The Last Day Or Soon Will Be

Posted by terrepruitt on March 23, 2020

For those of you my age or older you may remember a time when it was unusual to know someone with cancer. Now the reasons for that can be many things including but not limited to the fact that there is different testing in place. Also it could be that there was less contact with a large number of people and in so many different places. I mean, we might have known all the people in our neighborhood, but we didn’t have thousands of “friends” throughout the world that we “know” on Twitter. Either way/whatever the case there was a time when you MAY have known ONE person with cancer. Now, it is common place. Every one of us knows AT LEAST one person with some form of cancer or someone that “had” cancer. Well, I believe that today is the day, today is the last day that I will be able to say that I don’t know anyone personally that has had or has COVID-19. I feel that we are reaching the point very soon where everyone is going to know someone that has had it or has it.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFit, City of San Jose Exercise Classes, Cambrian Yoga & Cardio Dance, CYCD, Yin YogaI am not even going to state any numbers here because I know that by the time I finish typing this and posting it the numbers will have changed. I can just say that, even though none of the various sites I look at that post numbers actually have the same numbers, the numbers are growing. The reported number of cases, deaths, and recovered are all growing. The number of cases is growing FAST. And at this point, the United States is moving towards the top of the list.

Now, that “knowing” that I am talking about could be a person I actually know and have met face-to-face OR it could be friend from Facebook or Twitter that I have not met face-to-face. But with the way things are going there is going to be a “knowing” very soon.

I just wanted to go on record and remember this day. Today, Monday, March 23, 2020 I did not know anyone with COVID-19. I am loving that feeling. I am sad and sorry for anyone and everyone that cannot say the same thing as me, today, right now.  And I am sorry because I feel like soon none of us will be able to make that claim.

It is a sad historical thing and I will be the first to celebrate if I turn out wrong.

I waffled about posting this because originally I thought I would keep my blog virus free, but I don’t believe that such a thing is possible.  I mean, I already posted routines because of the situation.

I do hope that all of us that are participating fully in flattening the curve can continue to stick to our guns and not let the people who are being careless get to us. Sometimes it is difficult to stay in quarantine when so many others are not (“Well, if she’s going out, I want to too!”) but it will be awesome to know that we did not contribute to the spread of the virus at all.

Do stay safe and healthy.  Do comment and “talk” with me because, ya know, isolation is lonely.  Tell me how you are doing.

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