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Good Nutrition Makes A Difference

Posted by terrepruitt on August 29, 2009

You know when you are feeling tired or can’t make it through a workout think about what you have eaten.  It really makes a difference.  We don’t have to rely on the experts to tell us that, just think about it.  There are a lot of ways people can eat, vegan, raw, vegetarian, etc., but stepping away from a diet that has a name and just trying to eat less processed foods and foods that are less processed can really make a difference in how you feel. 

If you pay attention to how you feel for a week or so, then try to cut out some of the processed foods that you normally eat you will notice a difference if you take note.

Sometimes you might not need to adjust your workout or the exercise it could be just fine, it could just be that you don’t have the proper nutrition to fuel your body.  A blog is not the place to get informaiton on what your body actually needs because everyone is different.  I am just suggesting that you take a look at your diet and see if you could make a few adjustments to get better NUTRITION and see how that affects you.  If you want specifics you need to see a nutritionist or work with a personal trainer.

Sometimes we think we are eating healthy because the packaging claims it is “natural” or “wholesome”, but the truth is more processed foods are just full of chemicals.  Just look at what you are eating.  Check the INGREDIENTS, not just the big words on the package that make claims.

I believe that good nutrition affects your ENTIRE body: you physical body and your mental state. If your body has property nutrition you have more energy and you FEEL better.  You can actually make it through a workout without just wanting it to be over, and then that makes your body feel good and then your mind feels great because you feel like you can conquer the world.

We were at a gathering today in San Jose with a lot of good food.  Not too much processed food.  A lot of vegetables.  I am sure I am going to feel great tomorrow.  Good nutrition makes a difference.

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