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Getting What You Want

Posted by terrepruitt on August 28, 2010

So what is it you want? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to build strength? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to be able to lift a 15 pound weight 100 times? Do you want to touch your nose to your knees? Whatever you want, whatever your goal the best way to reach it is to train for it specifically.

There is a principle of specificity.  If your goal is to run a marathon running ten miles every day is not going to get your body ready for the 26 miles that make up a marathon. If you want to build up strength lifting a 15 pound weight 50 times a day will not build strength. You actually have to give your body what it needs in order to allow it to reach your goal.  You must train the specific physiological system.

Losing weight requires your body to burn more calories than you consume. Not that doing that is always easy, but that is the simple fact. How you burn the calories is up to you. If losing weight is your primary goal then your options for burning calories is almost limit less.

If you want to build strength, then the key is to use more resistance than you can presently move. This type of goal usually has some limitations, but still, there are a lot of options out there that will enable you to build strength. There are several factors to take into account, but once you have those things accounted for you can go from there.

Running a marathon takes a lot of training, but eventually if you are planning on participating in one you would be better prepared if you included some 26 mile runs in your training.  As I mentioned previously you can’t run for 10 miles — even if it is everyday — and expect to be able to complete 26 miles during the marathon.

If it is muscle endurance you want, then you need to train your body in that manner.  Doing cardio for a hour or lifting the heaviest weight you can lift a couple of times will not allow your muscles to grow accustom to the repetitiveness required for muscle endurance.  Likewise, if you want to become flexible enough to be able to touch your toes or touch your nose to your knees, jogging three miles a day will not help you reach that goal.  Specificity, that is how you get what you want.   That is how you reach your goal–work the specific system specifically.

So what is it you want?  And what type of activity are you doing to get it?

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Perfect Timing

Posted by terrepruitt on June 16, 2009

In my last post, I mentioned “exercise mojo“, I was saying that actually referring to a exercise schedule.  Most people need to make working out a habit.  They need to put it in their schedule and then do it.  If you have it scheduled you are more likely to do it.

Well, I believe, from what I have been hearing around San Jose and the Bay Area, that the last of the schools are finally out.  And if not, they will be this week and everyone’s schedule is all in jumble.  Well, since a new schedule is going to have to be instituted into your life, you might as well schedule in some exercise.  Right?  It is a perfect time.  If you are having to change things anyway, just shove some movement in there.  Now, of course, honestly, I would like you to add MY classes or something with me into your schedule, that would be awesome.  But I am really more interested in you getting healthy, so I think anything you add would be great.

Most parents pick up their kids from school now-a-days, right?  Why not just keep that time that is allotted for picking up the kids and add a walk into your day.  You can even walk with your child (if it is a teenager you will probably have to promise to stay a few feet back).  Or workout to a DVD, do some calisthenics, run, jog, do yoga, anything.  Now is the time add it.  Then it might even be a smooth transition since you are already having to rearrange your day, it won’t be that big of a deal.  Ha!  How do you like that?  Doesn’t that sound totally logical?  Isn’t that a good idea?  Wouldn’t you call that perfect timing?

So this tactic can work for any change of scheduling, right?  Be it school letting out, or a new work schedule, or school going back into session, whatever, if you are already changing why not take the opportunity to add some change for the better?

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Remote Control Exercise

Posted by terrepruitt on May 7, 2009

Dance is exerciseOk, so you all know the idea behind the remote control is to be able to sit and change the channel while you are seated. Sometimes you hear people comment about how this wonderful gadget allows for the subtraction of movement in one’s life. Well, not in my family.

I actually believe that our particular use of the remote control assist us in getting our exercise. We are the family of “Honey, where is the remote control?” We seem to be unable to actually leave it where it would be most useful—in the “remote control bucket”. And, yes, we have a container for our remote controlS, because we have at least four. As you might be able to image the more you have the better the chance for exercise. There is a remote control for the DVD player (two separate ones for two separate machines!) and a remote for the TV, I won’t list all the remotes, but there are more.

Join me in the “Remote Control Exercise ‘Class’”.

“Ok, Class, let’s WATCH A DVD! Today’s DVD is newly purchased and not yet in the jukebox, so get up off that couch and put it in the machine!”

“Crouch down to the machine. Grab the TV remote to set it to the right screen. Don’t see it? Well get up and look for it! Look for it . . . . .look for it. Don’t see it? Search in the couch, bend and stretch. Crouch on the floor, it might be under the couch. What? Still can’t find it.”

“Check the kitchen. . . . .walk into the kitchen, heel lead, check the bathroom, shuffle to the guest room, shuffle back. Easy jog up the stairs to the master bedroom, still can’t find it? Hmmm?”

“Jog to the garage because you put in a load of laundry before deciding to watch a movie. Got it? Good! Now use those leg muscles to get back on the floor to put the DVD in the machine.”

“Skip back to the couch. Sit. Get comfortable. Start the movie. Oh, wait, did you forget the remote to the DVD player? Jump up to get it. Jog to it. Sit back on the couch—use your thighs, Class! Start the movie. Whoa! The previews are so loud you won’t be able to hear my instructions. Turn down the TV volume. What, you left it by the machine? Jump up to get the TV remote. Remember when you jump up really contract those core muscles!”

“Back to the couch, remember to sit down using your gluts and thighs—don’t plop. Now, here ya, go . . . Oh, get up get the phone. Don’t forget to stop the movie.”

“While you are on the phone, do some chair squats with the couch. One, two, three . . . eleven. Off the phone? This last squat ease all the way down onto that a couch. Stretch for the remote control to start the movie. What? You left it in the kitchen?”

“Jump-up to go get it. While you are there get a glass of water, you must stay hydrated when working out.”

“Sit back on the couch—use your thighs, Class! Start the movi—-what? You left the remote control in the kitchen when you went to get it? Oh, the water distracted you.”

“Jump-up to go get it. Jog to the kitchen. Jog back to the couch. Squat down on to the couch.”

“There you go. Now you can watch your movie. While it is not the best form of exercise you did get in at least twenty minutes of movement all from a little gadget that is allowing you to control your machines from the comfort of your seat!”

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