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Late Crafts, Late Gifts

Posted by terrepruitt on January 10, 2022

Seriously, if you are going to be crafty for Christmas gifts start early. There was one year I took the entire month of November, but I was doing a lot. This year I was just going to make something for two people so I thought it would be quick. I kept changing my mind, too, as to what I was going to do, but I was going to use some paint pens so I had thought it would be really quick. I always think that artist just sit down at one sitting and create masterpieces so I think I can do that same thing. There are multiple issues with that thought process, but the main two are REAL artists don’t actually do that, they may plan and do multiple drafts and I am not an artist.

I thought, since I was using pens that paint, I could just draw/write on my chosen surface and it would be quick, but as it turns out I don’t think the pens were made for glass. I drew and wrote and in some cases it disappeared by the time I was done with the other side. Multiple times – although, I was being really careful – I assumed I rubbed it off somehow. By the third or fourth time of redrawing / rewriting I was positive the surface didn’t touch anything so I concluded that it was just literally disappearing. So waiting until the week before Christmas was a huge mistake. My quick craft project was turning out to NOT be quick. First I had spent days redoing what I had done thinking that it just needed to dry. Then when it did kind of stay I painted a clear coat over it which completely erased portions of it. So finally I just threw in the paint pen and had to paint over everything with actual paint. The painting is not what takes so long it is the drying time.

Anyway . . . with the multiple tries and coats the ornaments are not what I was hoping, but the candle holders are ok. The multicolored sparkle of the glitter does not show up well in photos (that I take), but it is there.

Hopefully the late gifts will be well received.  I believe both of the recipients were taught “It’s the thought that counts.”  🙂

Do you ever make Christmas gifts?  What kinds?

In 2019, I had painted candle holders also.

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