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Posted by terrepruitt on June 4, 2009

Great for after a Dance WorkoutI want to share this product with you.  I have been using this product since I was in high school.  It is awesome.  It is not all natural, most of the ingredients I can’t pronounce, but the first one is water.  It is one of those products that is so versatile.  They call is an “All Purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizer”.  And that is what it is for me.

SeaPlasma by Focus 21

I am not comfortable using most products on my hair and my skin, but this one I do.  It is great for moisturizing without adding any kind of sticky left over feeling.  And I have never had a problem with it when it comes in contact with my clothes.  It is great to use to cool you off.  It is awesome.

In addition to a moisturizer and a “cooling agent” it has such a great refreshing scent that you can even use it as an after exercise “freshen up” tool.  I mean, face it, we would all love to take a shower after every workout, but sometimes you have to rush off to pick up the kids, meet a friend, or maybe you’re like me and you are rushing off to another class and there isn’t time for a shower.  Sea Plasma can be used on your hair and skin and you can be off and running and not smell like you just finished working out.








In San Jose you can find it in the drug stores now.  I used to have to buy it from my hair salon.  I bet you can find it in your local drug store, too.

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