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One Person Making A Lot Of Noise

Posted by terrepruitt on September 23, 2014

It only takes one.  One person, that is it.  One person besides me, that is.  I have observed different groups of Nia students and I have seen them alter their sounding practices.  It is so fun to witness a silent class become noisy.  I feel that making noises in a dance exercise class, or “sounding” as it is called in Nia, depends a lot on the music.  There is specific music that just lends itself to making noise.  There is some music that people instinctively just join in singing or making the appropriate sounds during the music.  There is also specific moves that lend themselves to sounding.  Chopping seems to cause “Hi-yas!” to erupt from the practitioner.  Blocking tends to cause loud “Has!”  But not all the time.  It does help when they are made a part of the choreography.  It helps when the sound is the same or at least consistent throughout the song.  My sounding often just comes out.  I am dancing to the music and perhaps thinking of the next move or discovering a pearl and noise just comes out.  It is not always the same as the last time.  I feel that sometimes makes people shy.  They want to have others saying it with them.  And it really only takes one.  That ONE person who seems to just have noises inside that have to come out.  That one person who doesn’t need the teacher to lead them.  That one person to just make a noise and it encourages others to do so.

I often feel that there are some that want to make noise, but they don’t.  There are many reasons people don’t make noise.  I think I mentioned it before, but I kind of remember it being a “thing”.  I am not saying we were told NOT to make noise, but you would never have walked into a women’s gym and heard grunting.  (Eye roll)  I guess that is because we aren’t allowed to breathe.  HA.  I don’t know, but I do have a sense that it was not something women were encouraged to do.  Exercise was done in silence.  So I think that has a lot to do with it.  We were not taught to make noise while exercising.  So we don’t.

But I sense there are those that want to.  What I see happening, is we will do the move with me making the noise for seven times.  The eighth time comes around and since we are changing to a different move I might be at the point when I need to use that time for instruction.  It just happens that on that eighth time the person finally got up their nerve to make a sound and then it is as if they are left hanging because I didn’t do it with them because I had to introduce the change.  Yup . . . I feel that happens a lot.

But not when there is that ONE person.  All it takes is ONE person.  That one person can — by example — encourage the rest of the group.  I love it.  I silently cheer that person on.  I send waves of gratitude out to that one person that is not me that is sounding and helping the group find their voice.  I have some GREAT sounders in my Nia groups.  And I am so happy and excited that they are finding their voice.

I know how it is to move silently through a class.  Nia is wonderful and freeing, so the dance is meditation to me.  But when I first decided to join in on that sounding — YEOWZZZAAAA!  Whoa!  That just took the movement, the dance, the freedom to an entirely different level.  It was invigorating.  So I know how it is to be shy about making noises in class (I know if you have ever taken my class you might not believe that).  I know how it is to take up almost the entire song before you allow that sound out.  But I also know how it FEELS and the senses my body experiences after a really loud and noisy class.  So I will keep sending out waves of applause to that one sounder as they lead the entire class into becoming sounders.

Do you make noise when you work out?  Perhaps you sing?  Do you breathe loudly?

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