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Posts Tagged ‘talking black cats’

Promoting Black Cat Adoption

Posted by terrepruitt on October 27, 2021

From what I understand today (October 27th) is National Black Cat Day. Some places say National Black Cat “Appreciation” Day as the day was created to help promote black cats. They historically have a low adoption rate from shelters because some people believe black cats to be bad luck. I personally don’t believe that, but if someone does that is their prerogative. But what I try to do is counter that belief by educating people that don’t have a fear of black cats, to get one when they can.

When I went searching for a cat I wanted A cat. I found one and was told she was bonded with her sister and that we needed to take two. I really didn’t want to. The person in charge said that she would let us just take the one but her sister was black and would have a hard time being adopted. First of all she had to tell me her sister was black because I had never seen her, she hid the whole time, second of all I didn’t want two.

Eventually we decided to take them both and of course we are so glad we did. They are hilarious together and both so sweet. The black one talks so much and it very entertaining.

Anyway . . . National Black Cat Day. When you go to adopt a cat, if you can, if black cats hold no negative meaning for you, check out the black ones.

I wrote a post about luck and black cats a couple of years ago, and, no, Teagan is not magically hanging on to her tower, the photo is flipped because the place I have it stored has changed stuff. I may or may not get around to fixing it . . . but it is really the eyes.

Today she was complaining about me to me because I was following her around trying to get a picture of her. She doesn’t like the mama-razzi/paparazzi. So here she is scratching out her annoyance.  “Get the camera out of my face, mom.”

What do you think about black cats?

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