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Posts Tagged ‘Vitamin B12’

Goodie Jar – Check In #28

Posted by terrepruitt on August 23, 2013

I did it again.  I forgot to post a check in last week.  Ya see our cat has been sick.  Last week she was so sick I thought we were facing putting her to sleep.  I was so sad I wrote a post about it.  I felt as if I was going to have to Kill My Best Friend.  The first thing I wanted to do Friday morning was call the vet to get an appointment.  I had been communicating via e-mail with one of the vets and she mentioned a “re-check”.  So first thing I did before I even got out of bed on Friday was call the vet.  They had an 8:30 am appointment.  Which to me translated to coffee and go.  I didn’t get to finish my coffee before I had to go.

Anyway . . . the trip to the vet was very much worth it because they gave the cat a vitamin B12 shot.  Apparently this is like the miracle vitamin (not really, but) it really helped the cat a lot.  PLUS the vet said that even though she looked really skinny and IS really skinny she is not yet at death’s door, as her father and I thought.  So . . . I came home and was busy doing other things and I forgot to post my check in.

So here I am calling this #28 because I am only counting them as I do ’em.  And now the cat has other issues.  Anytime you administer drugs there is a chance of other issues arising.  That is why I like to try other avenues and other things before resorting to medication.  While it might help mask some symptoms it usually bring up other ones.  Crazy.  But there are still many things that are good.  And that is one reason to have a good things jar.  It is to help remind us that even where there are things going on that are sad there are still GOOD THINGS!

One of the things I put in my jar is Walking the Labyrinth.  And, of course that our kitty is better than she was earlier in the week.

How about you?  Did you add to your jar?  

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How Do They Get More Nutrients In Those Eggs?

Posted by terrepruitt on August 30, 2011

Nia teacher eats eggs, Nia San Jose, Los Gatos Nia, Eggs Omega 3When I first saw an egg package that said the egg had more nutrients I made a mental note to look into that.  I had been thinking, “How can they do that?  Did they inject the egg with the additional nutrients they claimed it had?”  I mean it seems like that is how they would have to do it, right?

The last time I was in the store buying eggs I grabbed a carton that said, “Now!  For Your Nutritious Diet High In . . . ” in big flashy letters. All the while I am thinking, “Ok, I’m a sucker.”

First of all let me share with you some other information that I found while looking up the information on “more nutritious” eggs.

Brown eggs are NOT more nutritious than white eggs.  I was under the impression that brown eggs were better for you.  Don’t know when I heard that or who from, but that is what I always thought.  Turns out it is actually the color of the hen that determines the color of the egg.  A brown egg comes from a hen with red feathers and a white egg comes from a hen with white feathers.

A brown egg might be more nutritious than a white egg if the hen laying the brown egg was fed better feed.  Ya see, THAT is how eggs get more nutrition packed into them . . . the feed.  What the chicken eats is what affects the nutrition of an egg.  When I was looking for information I saw many things that said organic is best and free range is best.  This makes sense to me because eating food without a lot of chemicals on it seems to be better for all of us and being able to eat what is natural is another thing that seems to be best.  So an organic egg would mean that the chicken’s diet did not have a lot of chemicals on it.  A free range egg would mean that the chicken was able to roam free and eat what a chicken would naturally eat.

The eggs that I purchased claimed to have won awards for best taste.  I don’t eat eggs plain so I don’t know that I can actually tell a better tasting egg.  These eggs also claim that their hens are feed “an improved all-natural, all-vegetarian diet with no animal fats or animal by-products.”  The inside of the carton continues to say that the no hormones are added to the laying hens’ diets and no antibiotics are “used in the production of the Egg-land’s Best eggs.”

Now a hen’s natural diet would include insects.  I don’t know if insects are considered ok in a vegetarian diet or if these hens don’t actually get any insects.  But according to the packaging the diet fed to these chickens makes the eggs high in vitamins D, B12, and E.  Also the were able to produce eggs with 25% less saturated fat than regular eggs.  The pretty packaging claims there is 115 mg of Omega 3 and 200 mcg of Lutein.  At this point there is no RDA for either nutrient, but Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced in the body.  Lutein acts as an antioxidant which helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.  So eggs containing these two nutrients seem like a better choice to me.

The Egg-Land’s Best claims their diet is patented.  From what I have seen in looking around, in order to produce Omega 3 enhanced eggs the hen’s would have to be feed flax seed or fish oils.  I am thinking that fish oil would make the diet not vegetarian.  Some things I glanced at in looking into this topic suggested that eggs produced by hens who had fish oil as part of their diet produced a fishy tasting egg.  Again, not sure about that, but it make me giggle.

I just think it is interesting that the only way to produce a more nutritious egg is to feed the hens better nutrition.  Kind of telling, yes?

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