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Conscious, Ink

Posted by terrepruitt on June 6, 2013

A few months ago I was finding myself with a sense of anxiety.  I was feeling STRESSED.  I was just really out of sorts.  I was worrying about things some of which I could do nothing about.  I was just feeling frantic.  Finally one day I said, “What is up with this anxiety?  Why am I on edge?!”  I was just tired of that on-the-edge feeling.  I stopped and examined what I was allowing to cause me anxiety.  I decided to take a few steps to relieve that anxiety, but I also realized that I was not trusting.  I felt that I had the faith, but I was not allowing myself to TRUST in order to let my faith that things would be ok, actually carry me through.  Now, I know they might sound the same, or you might think it was faith I was lacking and we could argue the semantics and the difference, but in my opinion it was trust that I needed to have.  So I started looking for “Trust” symbols. I was hoping to find a piece of jewelery I could wear or a temporary tattoo.  I found this beautiful bracelet that I found myself wanting, but while I was lacking in trust I was not lacking in intelligence.  Spending $150.00, when having enough money was one of the things I was worried about, would not be smart.  I kept the webpage as a tab on my iPad, and would look at it.  I felt that was a good enough reminder.  Then a friend of mine posted a link to Jennifer Pastiloff’s website on Facebook that led me to Conscious, Ink.

Conscious, Ink is temporary tattoos of sayings or things you might want to remind yourself of or manifest.  And they have “Trust”.  A beautiful slightly green Trust.  Trust on top of each other and inverted so you can read it from either side/angle.  And one long T R U S T.  They also have packages where you can buy 30 days worth of one tattoo.  So you can just keep the tattoo ongoing for 30 days.  I bought all the different versions of “Trust”.  I bought 1 of the long one, 2 of the double one, and a month’s worth of the “fancy” greenish one.

So far I am wearing them on my forearm so that I can actually SEE them and be reminded.  I mean that was really the whole point for me.  But you, of course can do whatever you want.

They have packs of series of tattoos, for example a “Healing Series” which contains different color tattoos stating:

SOURCE Nourishes & Loves ME I AM Light
I TRUST Myself I AM Peace & Joy
I LIVE In Joy & Unity I AM Alive

The “Be Present Series” contains “Just Breathe”, “Be Present”, “Let Go” and three more tattoos all in fancy script.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, ZumbaThey have a large assortment of different types of tattoos all made to help “solidify intentions and affirmations” and help you manifest your own destiny.  For me personally it is perfect.  I need a reminder.  Things around here are cause for questions and since there are no clear answers the only thing I can do is TRUST.  I think with tattoos reminding us of things; Appreciation, Believe, Forgive, Gratitude, Listen, Be Bold, Acknowledge, Expect Miracles, Let GO Let God, I am the source of my abundance, Do it now, Follow Your Bliss, quotes from Rumi, and many more — we can actually make things happen and manifest them.  Conscious, Ink even has a few pregnancy tattoos.

I also have to say that I am a sucker for free gifts.  I love when businesses include free things with an order.  Silly as it may sound it always makes me feel special . . . even though I know I am not the only one that they do that for!  And my free gift was a “Gratitude” tattoo.  A free gift and THAT particular tattoo made me very happy.  There was even a little hand written note from the owner.  AWESOME!  I think all of that is a great job of manifesting a returning customer!

Tattoo anyone?  What would you like to manifest?

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Act As If – Pretend – Fake It; Stage 3 of Nia White Belt Principle #4

Posted by terrepruitt on March 10, 2012

I have posted about Nia FreeDance before.  Nia FreeDance is meant to encourage creativity.  In Nia routines sometimes we have entire songs that are FreeDance.  Not all routines have an entire FreeDance song, but all routines have at least one part as FreeDance.  The one part could be that our feet have choreography and our arms and hands are free to move.  The creativity is released.  As the 4th Principle of the Nia White Belt it can also be used as a tool to help a Nia teacher learn a routine and/or explore his or her practice.  The principle has 8 stages.  The third stage of FreeDance is Feelings and Emotions with a catch phrase of: Pretend, Fake It, Act As If.  This is the stage where you pick an emotion and you act it out.  This is not the same as stage 4 where you draw on the real you and you act out a story you have experienced, this stage is pretend.

The idea of stage 3 of Nia FreeDance is to pick an emotion, a feeling and then act it out.  Pretend you are feeling that emotion at that moment.  This would be practice or play outside of a class setting where you are doing a routine.  So when using this tool as a way to grow and create you aren’t even expected to dance.  The exercise is to pick an emotion act it out for a bit, then pick another emotion.  Acting and explaining the feeling with your body in an exaggerated way.  If it helps create a story in order to fake that emotion.  It can be somewhat fun because normally when you are angry you probably would not throw yourself down on the floor and kick and scream, but when we are pretending to be angry and acting “as if” you can.  You can throw an angry punch.  You can run and jump for joy.  You can do anything you would like and since it probably wouldn’t be something you would be “allowed” to do in society it tends to spur creativity.  And this creativity gets your body moving in news ways.  It gets your heart pumping.  It gets your blood moving.  It gets your joints juicy.

I used this stage not too long ago as the focus of a few of my Nia Classes and it turned out to be very interesting.  So within the class setting we actually danced our pretend feelings and emotions.  We continued on with the routine we were doing at the time, but we added our “act as if”.  So it altered our movements a bit.  We allowed ourselves to follow the emotion so as we were dancing steps and hand movements might have been changed, but we still danced.  As I said it was interesting because my class did not want to act the “negative emotions”.  Some had a difficult time with some of the ones we deem as “negative” or ones that go against one’s normal self.  We danced:  keeping a secret, letting a secret go, happy, loopy, light, jealous, worry, love, angry, masculine, annoyed, bashful, brave, calm, childlike, guilty, fearless, and more.   We tend to assign negative and positive, but they just are . . .I think that we can look at an emotion and or a feeling and it can be neither, but as we live with it it could become one or the other.  If we let it affect us in a negative way, then maybe it can be perceived as a negative emotion?

The Embody and Share portion of the Nia White Belt Manual states: “Emotions are energetic responses to our experiences. We must learn to deal with our emotions to keep ourselves free and unblocked.”  So my thought process is, that if an emotion “blocks” us or causes us stress then we consider it negative.

People didn’t like the emotions they felt were negative. There was a tendency to not pick them from the list I had displayed.  But I think they are good for exploring movement.  So it’s fun to play with them all.  Remembering it is pretend, we are faking being (whatever the emotion is that we chose), we are pretending.

Well, what do you think?  I invite you to make a list of emotions and feelings, then put on some music.  Pick an emotion/feeling from your list and move to it.  Stay with it until you are ready to move on and then pick another one from your list.  Do this for a few songs.  You might be surprised at your movements.  You will probably be able to create ways to move that you didn’t realize.  When you are not thinking of your movements it allows your body to release and —- ahhhh! —- movement creativity.  Go ahead, you can do it.  Let us know how it goes!

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