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Foam Rollers are COOL!

Posted by terrepruitt on March 17, 2009

I bought a foam roller from my Pilates instructor awhile ago.  The foam roller is reminiscent of a pool noodle, and is pretty darn versatile.    It is wider than a pool noodle, usually 6 inches in diameter and I am going to say denser than a pool noodle.

I bought it for one particular stretch, the one where you just lay on it.  Both your head and your tush are on the roller and you are laying on it length-wise and your arms are stretched out with your elbows on the ground.  I like that stretch.  While keeping your elbows on the ground you draw your elbows towards your body or you can move your arms closer to your body by moving your hands down.  Then you can stretch your arms up over your head.  Just move your arms into whatever feels like a good stretch and feel the yummy goodness of using the roller.

Since owning it I have done a few other stretches, some that my instructor had shown me and others I have figured out that if you can do it on a ball you can do it on a roller.  But I recently took a class from the aforementioned instructor and learned even more.

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Like this other great stretch that is soooooo simple.  Put a hand at each end of the foam roller.  Hold the roller so it is vertical, then with your bottom hand press up into your other hand.  Your top hand can even just hold on with your fingers if you want a really good stretch.  This stretches out your shoulders.

These are just two really simply stretches that you can do on a foam roller.  As I continue to “blog”, I will share more.

What stretches do you do on your foam roller?  I would love to hear.

10 Responses to “Foam Rollers are COOL!”

  1. michele said

    well no experience with the foam roller, just wwnted to let you know I was here and that floor stretch looks soooo relaxing!


    • Thanks for being here. And a foam roller is great. It would be a great addition to your exercise regimen. I could show you some stretches and rolling massages for your sciatica.


  2. judy said

    Ever since I crashed on my mountain bike (like a year and a half ago), I’ve had a tricky upper back. Yoga’s been helping, but the foam roller looks like it might stretch the very place I’m sore. (And plus, I can lay around and still tell people I’m working out. Bonus.) 😉


    • Yeah, you could actually make it part of your workout. But I just doing it while I am watching TV. I just lie on it for a few minutes. I really like it for an inner arm type of stretch. (Thanks for reading and commenting!)


  3. CeCe said

    Hi Sweetie:

    Just want you to know that I got to your Blog and have enjoyed it. You’re doing a great job and the exercises are nice because they wouldn’t “hurt”. Thanks for keeping us all mobile.


    • Thank you so much for checking it out. I am trying to post on a regular schedule, Tuesdays and Saturdays, but I see bloggers post more often. I also think of many things off of the health and wellness topics that I would like to blog about, so I might have to push that realm more often. We will see, hopefully you will keep checking in. I am thinking about a foam roller vlog.


  4. I have a foam roller which I LOVE but I have never done either of these stretches so I am excited to run upstairs and try them out. My trainer is a BIG fan of these rollers and makes me roll out for a minimum of 15 minutes before we do anything. I love rolling out my back (crosswise, not lengthwise like you do). And my calves. I had major foot pain when exercising and it helped to roll my calves. And to lose 30 lbs. (ha) I also roll my IT bands (outer hip and thigh), my adductors (inner thighs), my armpits (hee hee), my quads. It is amazing how tight all of these areas can get. My favorite is rolling my back though, from top to bottom. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


    • Yes, yes, yes! Foam rollers are awesome. They are so good for stretching and massaging. Your trainer is awesome! It is great for the IT band (owwwww, at first!, but then Aaaaaaa!). I am glad you enjoyed your roller and that I was able to share something new. I have been meaning to post more foam rollers tips because that post got so many hits. I might use the ones you mention!


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    • Hi YOU! Thank you for commenting. It is astounding that you and five other people all commented and linked to a specific something about Piyo and Pilates (pronounced /pɪˈlɑːteɪz/, not PIE-LATES 🙂 ) Since they all linked to the same type of site/message only one made the cut. And it was yours! Looking forward to seeing you visit regularly! Thanks.


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