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My First Zumba Class

Posted by terrepruitt on March 21, 2009

I took my first Zumba class recently in Willow Glen (San Jose).  I want to say it was fun.  The instructor was awesome, just fabulous.  She would do the move at least once slow so that we could learn it, then she would crank it up!  Now don’t let that scare you.  If you have been thinking about taking Zumba, but have been intimidated, don’t worry, it is very similar to Jazzercise, except it is to Latin music.  Once you get the “Jazzercise part” down, then you can Zumba it up with all the moves that make it Zumba, like the hip gyrations, the Latin motion, the “Orange Julius”, the shimmy, the shake, the hip bumps, and all the things that make it Latin.

Since I have taken Jazzercise in my past and I am currently practicing Nia, I think I did well.  Nia has actually helped me find the confidence to just go into a class and shimmy, shake, and gyrate! 

The music is club-pumping loud, but the instructor either shouts above it or uses hand motions to try to get you going the right direction.  I honestly hadn’t thought about blogging about it so I wasn’t paying attention to the other participants that much—aside from giving them enough space and trying not to run into them–so I can’t report much there, except they were having a good time.  I was so intent on the instructor AND trying to make sure that I was doing it in “my body’s way” that I didn’t focus much on the others.  Even though I was in a Zumba class doing Zumba I still wanted to make sure that I was doing what my body needed.  So I have to say that the three minute cool down was not enough for me and that I didn’t follow it because I needed to stretch in different ways in order to properly facilitate my cool down and recovery.

As for the rest of the class, it is a great sweat inducing cardio workout.  But I didn’t feel as if any of my muscles or my core got any work, but I did get very sweaty jumping around to the music.  I want to get two for the price of one, so I want a workout to make me feel as if I have worked my muscles and did some cardio.  So, it’s not what I am looking for in a regular workout, but I will probably make it to a class every-once-in-awhile to throw some change into my workout regimen.   And like I always say, find something you like and do it.  Zumba might be right for you.

4 Responses to “My First Zumba Class”

  1. judy said

    One of my friends is a Zumba instructor and my best friend absolutely loves it. She says she experiences joy when she does it, and I think you can’t ask for more in a workout than that! (Oh, and she says no one pays attention to anyone but the instructor, so you don’t have to feel nervous that you’re being watched. Which is good. I walk around believing I am the center of the universe most of the time.)


    • I didn’t experience too much joy during Zumba. It was fun, but (to me) not joyful. It is kind of loose and I like tight and loose so my muscles get a workout. Have you tried Zumba? It is nice to know that no one pays attention, I know it was a little different when I used to take Jazzercise.


  2. I’ve been very intrigued but also intimidated by the idea of Zumba. I pretty much have two left feet and have always sucked at Jazzercise. But I do like to sweat. My gym has free Zumba class which is a plus, but it is offered at the same time I see my trainer (different place) which is a minus. So I’ve never made it over there. And now I might NEVER make it since I have somehow become obsessed with… Nia!


    • With your new “Nia knowledge” you don’t have to be intimidated by Zumba. Because if you go you still want to honor YOUR body’s way and do what YOUR body can and wants to do! So you would be fine. But it is not as fun for your feet! 🙂 Nia is more of an “ENTIRE PERSON” workout because it is body, mind, spirit. Zumba is fun, but for me, it did not address my entire person. I like to do it about once a month or so. But the second the class is over I am ripping off my shoes! I am THRILLED you are obsessed with Nia. Just makes my heart soar. I think its gooey! (That is going to make me laugh for the rest of my life!)


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