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Henna Tattoos

Posted by terrepruitt on May 23, 2009

I had been thinking about getting some henna decoration around my ankles or on the lower legs.  I was thinking that would be cool since people tend to look at my feet a lot since I am a group exercise instructor teaching Nia.  I had been looking for an artisit in San jose.  But, then I saw pictures from a Yelp Event and there had been a Henna Artist there doing tattoos.  These were the first tattoos I had seen that had sparkles and glitter on them.  Ooooooo, now we are talking!

So I contacted her and started learning a bit about Henna and Henna Tattoos.  First of all when  the henna is applied and it is like puff paint, it is raised and thick and initially wet.  So the glitter is applied when it is wet and I imagine this is done when one is at an event or a party, because then it looks extra pretty.  As the Henna dries it starts to flake off and if you have glitter that will probably flake off too.

As I was looking at Henna and Beyond website I read that it is believed that putting henna on the skin started out as a way to cool people in the desert, “When the desert people of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat became aware of Henna’s cooling properties, they dipped their hands and feet in a mud or paste made with the crushed leaves of the plant. Even when the mud was scraped off, they noticed, as long as the color remained visible, their body temperatures stayed low.”  This really fascinated me.  I know so many women who, if this is true, might want to try Henna tattoos.  If this works for some people think of how we could save on electricity during heat waves.

I went to Rachna of Henna and Beyond and had some art work done.  One of the things you can do to help achieve a dark stain is to put oil or tiger balm on it.  Well, I tried both—sort of.  I put oil on it, but it was so light that I was afraid that wasn’t helping so I turned to some “hot sauce” that my hubby had made during his Jujitsu days.

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Now I don’t know if the Hot sauce or the henna is making me cold, but it is a perfect temperature in my house and I have socks on and I just drank  tea.  I have not yet washed the hot sauce off, although I am sure there is not much on after sleeping, because I am still in the 24-hours-without-water-period that you wait in order to assist the Henna color to last.  I am really thinking that the Henna does have cooling properties.  It could be that it does for me because I have that in my head, I don’t know, but it is fascinating.












I like my decorations.  I have learned a bit from this first time.  Next time I will get the decoration a little higher and not on the foot.  I want it on areas that move less so the flaking isn’t so bad with every movement.  But hopefully I have weeks before I need to think about that.  The tattoos will hopefully last two weeks.  I invite you to try it and let me know if it cools your body temperature down.  I would love to hear.

7 Responses to “Henna Tattoos”

  1. judy said

    OOOOOO, pretty! Your tattoos look super hot (they just feel cool). 😉 So, how long does it last? Does it look okay while it’s fading, or does it start to look kind of yucky? How long does it take to have it done? What colors can you get?

    Okay, I’m done. See what happens when you fascinate me?


    • J, I replied to this—well, at least I typed something up, the day you commented. I must have gotten distracted and not hit submit reply. Maybe my computer crashed in the middle.

      The henna is supposed to last about two weeks or so. It is already fading and I think it looks ok.

      It took her about 35 to 40 minutes to do it. She is very fast. The more detailed the tattoo the longer it would take. I think that I have learned that I like LESS detail.

      Man, I am bummed my reply to this didn’t post because I felt it was very important to get the word out about BLACK HENNA. You ask about Henna color. Henna is rusty colored —- period. No other color available. If you see “BLACK HENNA” be careful because it is not really henna and the stuff they add to make it black has been documented to burn and scar! Thank you for all of your wonderful questions. I am so sorry it looks as if I didn’t answer . . . .well, I didn’t because gosh knows where it ended up.

      But I love that you are fascinated. I love that you ask questions. It is awesome. Thank you so much. I hope I can fascinate you some more in the future.


  2. michele said

    Very cool! I like the tattoos, especially the front view – enjoy them 🙂


    • Have you ever had them?


      • michele said

        No I have never had a Henna tattoo…are you still liking them? They look like fun – kind of like my pink hair 🙂


        • I still like them, but they are fading fast. I was hoping they would last two weeks. I also have learned a lot about getting them done for next time. The henna flaking off is kind of a pain and messy, so I am going to have them done higher next time to avoid the movement of the ankle.

          Your pink hair is way more fun!


  3. […] The henna is squeezed onto your skin via a cone, like a small icing bag.  As I mentioned in my post when I had henna done before, henna is applied and it rests on the skin like puffy paint would.  It is best to leave it on […]


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