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Practice What I Preach About Being True To Myself

Posted by terrepruitt on May 21, 2009

Dance Exercise, Nia San Jose, Nia Campbell, San Jose Nia, Campbell Nia, San Jose Dance Workout, Campbell Dance WorkoutThis morning as I was trying to figure out what to write about, it dawned on me that I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching about being true to myself.

I was trying to decide what to write. I want to write stuff that people will read. I am worried about people not reading it. I am worried that they won’t like it. I am worried that I am not following my own self initiated schedule of healthful on Tuesdays and Saturdays with Thursdays less in that realm. Because of all my worries I couldn’t think of what to write, I felt as if my thoughts were twisted like the most twisty Yoga pose. Then it hit me, my real intent of all of this, my blog is somewhat like a mini resume.

When people ask me about their resume or they share that they are confused because they don’t know what to put on it because they hear this and they hear that, I ALWAYS tell them to follow their heart and write a resume they would like. Some of who they are needs to be in that resume because they want to be happy at their new job. The person that is going to hire them and the place where they will fit the best will be the person that likes the resume at the company that accepts it. So if you put a little of yourself in it, then it should all work out.

So with my social media stuff I need to think the same way. I am tweeting so people will see me, and learn from me and want to train and workout with me. When I retweet something, it is something I like, so that is showing a little bit of me. Twitter is different for everyone, we all have different reasons for being there, so if you don’t like the tweets you are seeing don’t follow. I follow to learn and network, so I won’t follow you if I see tweets I don’t like. That is Twitter.

For me Facebook is more personal. I am not “friending” everyone because I like to be less business-y there. Although I do post a lot of stuff about Nia, that is just because I am practicing it and I like the way it makes me feel so I want to share with others. And I am growing my garden of Nia flowers so I tend to repost their information so that others can see what people think about Nia and maybe come try it for themselves.

With my blog I have a few goals. I want to share about events that happen in my areas, Los Gatos, San Jose (Willow Glen, Berryessa) and around, I want to entertain a bit, and I want to help people learn, but I don’t need to be all scientific as I first thought. Every time I go to write a blog with a bunch of interesting facts, I find a bunch of other sites with a bunch of interesting facts. I think that people can go to those sites if they want the science and the statistics. I will keep it simple. And you will either like it or you won’t, but I think if you like it then you will enjoy my classes and enjoy training with me.

My point is that I need to stop worrying and just start doing so that we can get on with it. I need to be me so you can see who I am and then say, “Yeah, I would like to go to her class.” So, whew . . . what a relief, now I just have to remember to actually practice what I preach. You are welcome to remind me.

8 Responses to “Practice What I Preach About Being True To Myself”

  1. judy said

    I am learning this too! I love this post and your picture(for what that’s worth)! I was just reading this article about social networking and personal branding (I am kind of fascinated by the subject) and it said that there is a constant tension when you’re deciding what to post (or tweet or update) between being “transparent and authentic” and knowing when “enough is enough.” I thought, yep, that about sums it up. I could do with a little less of the constant tension, fer sho! =)


    • Authentic picture. I just took it. Normally I would have done my hair and makeup, but I was feeling bold!

      I get stressed trying to come up with my blogs. But you had even said that you liked the writing in one of my blogs that I just sat down and let flow out. I can do that with Nia though because there is soooo much to it. I could write for days about Nia, but I want to share other things too. But I am going to get better and practice what I preach about being true to myself!

      I will get better at posting.

      Thank you for reading, commenting, and supporting in all of the ways that you do. I celebrate YOU!

      Zebra Sounds


  2. michele said

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..yes, that is good and I like it here!


  3. michele said

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot – I LOVE the picture on this post, beautiful face.


    • Thank you. I was kind of doing the “just Jack” thing. Do you know that? “Just Jack!” from Will and Grace. I was doing “Just me! Being true!” No done up hair, no done up make . . . .just me!


  4. Terre:

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog about the Nia Live Drumming dance Party for the Full moon this Saturday.

    I am sure that the 5-stages training will be transformative for you. At some point, I would like to go deeper into these stages. I have worked through them on my own and in workshops with other teachers, but I haven’t had the full immersion.

    Nia is an amazing movement tool that we (or I) can use to go deeper within ourselves (myself), and also to allow us to really be true to ourselves… So yes, I’m reminding you to be yourself! The rest will follow!!!! (I too, should practice what I’m preachin’ here!)

    I hope we can dance together one day!!!


    Erica-Nia Saffron


    • I have relatives that live in Cartersville so hopefully one of these days we will get to dance together. I am meeting so many wonderful Nia people online I wish we could have just one big party.

      Maybe, since we probably can’t all get together physically we could do something globally at the same time? Like Dance Anywhere ( http://danceanywhere.org/ had you heard of that?), but it would be NiaNow. (ha, ha!). Wouldn’t that be cool, if we could do that? Hmmmmm . . . . .

      I can’t wait to hear about your dance!!!

      Thanks for stopping by here!


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