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Sound – In Nia: Sounding

Posted by terrepruitt on July 2, 2009

So, I could just fill my blog with Nia, but I want to post other stuff too because I am interested in other workouts and exercises and I like to share other stuff.  Today is supposed to be my “fun” post or “whatever” post, not necessary related to health, wellness, or Nia.  I thought that I would find some inspiration before the day was out, but . . . nothing.

So . . . here I am, back at Nia and the wonders of it.  I left an article from Nia Education in the studio where I teach (in Willow Glen) and it is about sounding.  This evening (when does “evening” start?  Anyway . . .) when I was explaining to my class in Los Gatos that Nia uses a focus it dawned on me that I didn’t have a focus for class.  Then it came to me in a flash “Sounding”.  Nia calls it sounding, I’ve heard some classes call it vocalization.  Whatever  . . .

We had a few songs that were great for sounding and that are normally done with us making noise, but tonight I added noise (sounding) into all of the songs.

I am going to be honest, when I am TAKING a Nia class I am not a big “sounder”, I am getting better, but I don’t always do it.  So I know how intimidating it can be.  And it frustrates me (that I don’t do it) because I know—-I have FELT the benefits.  When I first started doing Nia I didn’t make any sound.  Then I was in a class and I realized that I was the only one NOT making sound so I joined in—-HOLY MOLY!  What a difference that makes.  It is amazing and I can’t really describe it.  But because I have felt the benefits, I am getting better at doing it in other’s classes, and I do it when I am leading my class.

Tonight I was so loud I couldn’t hear if others were doing it.  I had to tone it down to make sure they were doing it.  The women who showed up first, the ones I had explained it to were participating, but the others weren’t.  But that is ok, they will come around in their own time, in natural time.  After class I felt awesome.  Sounding is amazing.  It is like a release and an energizer all at once.

Have you ever been frustrated and just shouted, yelled, or screamed, you know how you feel after that?  That sense of release, that feeling of “aaaaah, now I feel better.”  Well, just think of an entire workout like that?  It is exhilarating.

A Nia Education article says, “every cell in your body is a sound resonator that responds to sounds coming from the outside and the inside of your body, and that all of the systems in your body – your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of consciousness – respond to sound?”**   Yeah, I knew that . . . .

If you are interested in the article, let me know.  It is very short and I can send it to you.  I have posted the tips for helping you begin sounding on my site, in case you are interested.  So, can you do it?  Are you ready to make some noise?


**Nia Education ©2006 Nia Technique, Inc.

2 Responses to “Sound – In Nia: Sounding”

  1. Oh honey, I’m always ready to make some noise. And this weekend (being the 4th of July — thought I’d mention that in case anyone has been living under a rock) there will be lots of people not only ready, but actually “in-your-face” ready to make some noise. That’s the kind of sounding I can do without. I’m not much on fireworks — it scares my cats…and me, too, sometimes.

    Sounding in Nia did not come easy for me…it probably doesn’t for many people. We’re told to “be quiet”, or “lower your voice”, or “only speak when spoken to”, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.” Holy cow, just in reciting those few things that I was told when I was a child, it’s no wonder it was hard for me to sound.

    I’ve come a long way baby!!! Give me a good “yeet!” or “hai” or “get the eff out of my way” anytime. Makes me feel real good, just like you mention in your blog. Oh, and so that you don’t think I’m crazy, these “sounds” are made while I’m doing Nia, either taking a class or teaching one.

    It’s just so much fun to feel the vibration of my voice in my body. Don’t ya think? Love the blog, Terre!!! You rock girl!!!


    • It is nice to know that sounding did not come easy to you too. It is probably like a lot of things that are good for us, we have to practice doing them before it comes second nature. And some of us have to feel the benefit before we are convinced that “yeet!” is going to do anything for us.

      Sound is vibration, but honestly I am usually focused on the breath. So now that you mention feeling the vibration I am going to play with sounding more sounds that make more of a vibration and focus on that.

      Nia is so fun. There is so much you can do with it.

      Thank you so much for stopping by (AND commenting—that is such a huge thing) and thank you so much for you support. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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