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Its Annoying When People Don’t Use. . . .

Posted by terrepruitt on July 25, 2009

I am actually interested in hearing what you think, because I know what annoys me.  So let me know what you think.  Add comments to what I have or come up with your own.

It’s annoying when people don’t use:

Car blinkers

Car ashtrays

Car gas pedals

Door mats


Headsets (hands free devices) for cell phones while driving (yeah, in California it is illegal to hold your phone)

Headsets for office phones (we all do not need to hear your conversation even if it is a “business” conversation)

Office doors (see the above)

Crook of your arm when sneezing or coughing (it is better to cough/sneeze into the crook of your arm as opposed to your hand that touches things)

Bathroom sinks (they’re for washing your hands after you use the restroom before you go back to work. Oh yeah, I’ve seen it happen.)

Ok, I honestly just started out with two, but then I thought that looked kind of measly and I let my brain wander.  Let’s see how this one works out. What about you? What bugs you when they are not used properly?

Yeah, “do you know the way to San Jose?” that is what pops into my head, because my blog has strayed . . . . oh well, thanks for putting up with it!

10 Responses to “Its Annoying When People Don’t Use. . . .”

  1. Hi Terre!!! All that you mentioned are things that provide an opportunity for me to be annoyed. Whether I actually follow that out is a choice I need to make, because it then alters the rest of my day.

    It’s just too darned easy for me the annoying things that people do. What I am looking to do with this new Yellow Seed Year (which begins today) is to challenge myself to find what is endearing about people. Laughter, sparkling eyes, a smile, spontaneous movement, synchronistic meetings, joyful attitudes, honesty, integrity…

    I don’t mean to be contrary to your blog lovely one. Just something that I personally need to transform in myself. Thank you for the opportunity to look at it more closely.




    • Yes, how we react is one thing. And for some of us whether we are trying to change or whether we are happy the way we are, sometimes sharing our annoyances with others and seeing that good people (those that are trying to to see what is endearing about people) can be annoyed is important.

      I think that “venting” is a good thing. I think taking off the rose colored glasses and seeing what it out there is good sometimes. I think being “authentic” and sharing that sometimes things people do irk me, helps me. Then others share and I know I am not alone and it allows me to then embrace the good. If I hold it all in then there is no room for all the yumminess. I have to “whoosh” some stuff out. I was hoping it would help others too.

      So while I like to keep a postivie attitude toward life and toward people, sometimes things they do are annoying and I want to get it out. I was thinking this would be a good venting for me and for others. Just a little place where we share. Then go “ahhhhhh” because we feel better, someone listened, then on with our day.

      Good luck on your Yellow Seed Year challenge. If you need to come back and vent during the year, you are welcome . . . . . .


  2. Lynn said

    I can totally concur!! Especially with the bathroom sinks….I have seen people clean raw chicken parts in a bathroom sink and clean their baby’s bottom. These were community sinks mind you. UGH!!

    And car blinkers….hmmm, what are those for?? It seems that no one knows! It’s one of my pet peeves.

    Here in Arizona it’s still legal to drive and talk on your cell phone. And you can tell!!


  3. So fiesty 🙂


    • Ahhh, and now that “it” is out there. I feel so much better. I can handle those “dirty-hand-sneezin’-loud-talking-blinker/ashtray-non-using-bad-mannered-slow people” much better now. Thanks.


  4. judy said

    I’ve been trying to think of something that annoys me when people don’t use it, and just now I thought of it. A sense of humor! It is annoying when people can’t laugh at themselves, or me, or the world at large. Whew! Don’t know why this post was so hard for me to come up with something, but finally I did it. I feel accomplished! 😉


    • Wow, you really are amazing that people not using one of these things doesn’t bug you. And a sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste. Thank you.


      • judy said

        Well, while I’d love to get credit for being amazing, I was trying to come up with something you hadn’t already said. Not using blinkers? I’m not a saint!


        • Yeah, I had thought I shouldn’t list so many, but I got carried away. And I was thinking that people might comment or tell stories because I am sure there are stories out there about each and every one on the list.

          I am a stickler for blinkers. I don’t care if I am in a parking lot all by myself, I use my blinkers. I like people to know my intentions. Plus when in traffic I use mine more as a request as opposed to a “I-am-going-whether-your-car-is-in-the-lane-or-not” kind of statement.

          Oh and regardless of whether some or all of these things annoy you, you are still WAY amazing!!!!


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