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The 52 Nia Moves Highlighted at the Recent Nia Jam

Posted by terrepruitt on August 11, 2009

The focus for the most recent Nia Jam was the 52 Nia Moves.  We were to pick songs in which we could highlight one or more of the 52 Nia moves.  So we moved a lot because we all wanted to really highlight the moves.  The idea was to pick one song that highlighted the move then pick another song that contained the same move that you could play with.  There was a couple of us that picked two songs with different moves so we highlighted more moves instead.  I think it worked out fine.   

Movements Highlighted included:
~Pelvic Circle             
~Spinal Roll  
~Heel Lead & Ball of Foot  
~Closed Stance, Open Stance, “A” Stance, and Sumo Stance,   
~Front Kick, Side Kick, and Back kicks 
~Lateral Traveling   
~Wrist & Hand movements 

We do not do all 52 Nia moves in every workout (unless we are doing the 52 Nia Move routine), but we do cover a lot of them.  The moves are not necessarily new moves, some are quite common and you will be familiar with them.  Some you could be familiar with, but not familiar with DOING, but that is part of the fun.  Come to a class and see.  I have classes in San Jose and Los Gatos.

12 Responses to “The 52 Nia Moves Highlighted at the Recent Nia Jam”

  1. Sounds like fun! There was a White Belt Intensive in Milwaukee last week. On Thursday, Denise Medved (the Intensive Trainer) held a 52 Moves Workshop. I was unable to attend it, but heard that it was quite fun. The workshop attendees broke into groups, had to choose music and moves and then choreograph together and share (it was open to the public, so there were more than just the Intensive attendees).

    Nia is such an entertaining fitness lifestyle practice!!!

    Hey, weren’t you going to blog something about comparing (and that may not be the correct word) Nia to one of the more popular trendy aerobics classes? I’ve been watching for it… 🙂


    • It was fun. And this post inspired me to put the list of 52 Nia Moves on my site with a blurb about the book. I love The Nia Technique book.

      I just bought some routines and I debated about the 52 Move Routine. I didn’t get it. I would love it though. I am sure it is great.

      I have a few blog posts in my head that I have yet to do. A lite comparison of Nia and Zumba is one of them. But it is still perculating. I wanted to post the Jam blog before it got to far away from when the Jam actually was, then it allowed me to post more off of that so . . . . I went with it. I think I still have more to post off of it. We will see.


  2. Oh yes, I love the Nia book, too. Mine is all bent and the spine is torn up, pages are dogeared. I use it ALOT. I have a copy at home and a copy at the studio (and I also have a stack of them to sell).

    I have the 52 Moves routine (it’s actually the original one before they combined the DVD and the CD together…kind of a teacher’s preview). It’s a great instructional video, but as far as a “routine”, I think you made the wise choice for now.

    Love ya,



    • Oh, I have the Teacher’s Addition of the 52 moves (Orange sticker says “52 Moves Teachers Only! Pre-Release”. Is that what the “routine” is like?

      I bought Sexi and Passion. First I need to tackle Clarity . . . . .

      Thank you for the love, Jill.

      Love ya too!


  3. Well, since you mentioned it, I really don’t know if the actual routine is the same as the Teacher’s Edition. I pretty much doused my Assuming energy ally, eh? I’ll see if Shannon Day knows.

    Sexi and Passion are both WONDEROUSLY fun routines. I’m teaching Sexi tonight (with a couple of music switcheroos). Clarity is a favorite, too.

    Have fun!


    • WHAT? You communicate with the Goddess “Japanese”, “Traveling”, and “Magic Carpet”? Ooooooooooo, I got chills, Jill. (I don’t know what to say even.)

      Last night after some of our communication I had my “what would I do if I win the lotto fantasy”. In it, I was booking a flight out to you so that I could experience your Blue Monkeys and all the fun you bring to Nia. One of these days . . . . .


  4. OMG you are so funny. You just make me smile Terre.

    YOU, too, can communicate with the goddess Shannon. Just e-mail her!!! That’s what I do. She’s a real sweetie.

    And OMG…you are such a dear. Part of the fantasy if you were to win the lottery would be to hop on a plane and come here??? I’m speechless. I’m really quite moved by that and would consider it an honor to be your host.

    Thank you Terre. You’ve just made my day.


    • Oooooh. I could just e-mail her?!?!?! Ooooooohhhh! I am dying to know what she is saying in those songs. In Traveling I would be happy to know what language it is. Ooooh. Sometimes when I am teaching those songs, I just want to stop and listen. Sometimes for a second I forget I am in front of a class because her voice is so powerful, wonderful, smooth, sweet, riveting—-all at the same time—-I get swept away.

      Hell, yeah! I would so hop on a plane to experience your class, drink your coffee, eat your chocolate, walk in your garden, and get a big dose of Jill in person! Silly, that is what lotto money is for . . . living a dream and experiences ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE! ~MUAH!~

      (You ALWAYS make my day with your support!)


  5. Yes, yes!!! Email her…or FaceBook her. She’s on Facebook. Find her if you haven’t already and request to be a friend!

    Someone asked her awhile back when the routine first came out what language she was speaking…if my memory serves me correctly, she’s talking gibberish. Its made up in the moment. Except for Japanese of course…and that is…well…Japanense.

    She does have an awesome voice. Have you ever met her? I was so surprised when I first met her…she’s almost translucent. She’s tiny and very etheral in essence. I’ll see if I can find a video of one of her performances and get it over to you.

    I’m up from my nap. Gotta take a shower and get my butt to work!!


    • I invited her to be my friend.

      Well, I figured Japanese was Japanese, but Traveling . . . .yeah, kind of sounds like gibberish. Compelling gibberish.

      I have not met her. She is in a lot of the routine DVDs and she looks tiny. Which is always so funny to me that tiny people have such big hair and big voices.

      Thank you.


  6. Michele said

    Hi there! just stopped by to say hi, also wanted to say how much fun I always have at your classes and this last one I could tell that you had just been to the Nia jam, you were INSPIRED!!! And inspiring 🙂


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