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Archive for November 5th, 2009

Color Me A Reminder

Posted by terrepruitt on November 5, 2009

Recently I posted a bit about Focus and Intent.  One comment on that post was from someone who sets a daily intent, but hadn’t thought to carry the focus she has during her workout into her day.  She brought up that during her morning Yoga she is able to focus on her shoulders but during the day she forgets.

Well, a lot of us might do that, not remember to carry our focus and intent into the day.  There is so much going on it is easy to forget.  So there is a little helpful reminder that Nia’s co-creator does.  I heard her share it on one of the monthly teleconferences that Nia offers.  She said when she wakes up she thinks of a color.  I believe she indicated that the color presented itself or just came to her, as a thought.  If that doesn’t necessarily happen for you, pick one.   (I am amending this because the co-creator of Nia, Debbie Rosas, did say that she used a color for something, but it was not to assist her with the focus and intent.  It was for something else . . . . I don’t want to bring up what it was for because that is a subject that requires another post entirely.  I was reminded about picking a color in a Nia teleconference.)  So . .  .  Here is a little something to help you remember, when you wake up . . . . .

Pick a color.  Now what you do with that color is:  throughout the day, when you see that color think of your focus and remember your intent.

So if your focus is to remember to keep your shoulders down and in their place (this is something I struggle with, that is why I bring it up) you can be reminded of it every time you see your chosen color.  Doesn’t mean you have to stop what you are doing and examine yourself or rearrange yourself, it is just a gentle nudge. Green (for example) whispering, “shoulders”.

Or let’s say you’ve decided to drink more water.  So every time you see the color that you decided upon for the day you take a sip of water (or drink a glass—whatever you set your intention to be).

Do you get the idea?  You can set your focus and intent on whatever you would like, by having chosen a color is a tool to help remind you of your focus and intent.  Choosing a color can assist you in taking your focus and intent from your workout and/or from your exercise class into your day.

Share with me your stories.

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