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Nia Journey

Posted by terrepruitt on February 9, 2010

Nia is a workout, and a great one at that.  It is fun and interesting.  We get to play and move our bodies and work our muscles. Our exercise consists of all types of movements.

Presently I teach at two facilities. I teach in San Jose at a dance studio where I rent time by the hour.  And I teach at a city recreation department.  Here is a picture of my class.  This is my San Carlos City Park and Recreation class.  This is not all of them, but the ones that were there a few minutes before class.

I took this picture because I wanted to document this.  I am posting it on my blog because I want to document this and share it.

For me, Nia is a workout, but it is more.  It is a journey.  I am learning a lot with these ladies.  I am learning a lot with this space.  I am learning a lot on this particular path of my journey and I wanted to have record of it.

I asked for permission to post this, but I didn’t get anything signed so I will not be naming anyone, but we are having fun.  These ladies are on a Nia journey with me too. 

We are starting a new session next week, and I have agreed to do more after that, but this one is special because it is the first one.  The first one for me, the first one for San Carlos, and the first one for a lot of these women. I have been contacted by some men and hope to have them in our future sessions, but for now it is just us girls.

I am posting this to remember and honor these wonderful women who are on a wonderful journey with me.  Cheers to us!

4 Responses to “Nia Journey”

  1. niachick said


    I honor the rich and beautiful journey on which you and these lovely women are traveling. I’m traveling along side you in sisterhood!!!

    You rock! I’m blessed to have such a fun and exhuberant co-journeyer!!!




  2. Melisa said

    I really get what you mean about the journey. I feel the same way.

    I hope you get to have some male students, too. In my class in Portland, we usually have 20+ women and one man named Bob who is clearly very secure in his masculinity 🙂

    Our class is held at a community center and people are always wandering down the hall and peeking into the studio. Yesterday, however, there was a guy hanging around gawking for quite a while, long enough that some dancers were just a bit uncomfortable. Eventually Bob walked over, pulled the door open and asked him if he were going to join us or just keep staring! He scuttled off and that was that. Bob later commented that it was a big responsibility to be the only guy in class.


    • Yay, Bob! Yay for him being the only guy in class. And yay for him asking the other guy what was up.

      I think that Nia is a challenge and for some part of that challenge is what makes it a journey. We have all been programmed for so long to move our bodies a certain way when we exercise, and to follow the instructor exactly, and to NOT move our bodies certain ways so it is a journey on which we embark to change all that. And it is awesome when a man is on the journey. Go Bob.

      I have had men in my classes. Every once in awhile one of my students brings her husband, which she is planning on doing Monday because of the Holiday. But it would be nice to have a man as a regular student.

      EveryBODY adds a unique energy and masculine energy is a great part of the balance.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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