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The Forest of Life

Posted by terrepruitt on April 15, 2010

I posted not too long about  friends, Friends For Life. That post was about friends—good friends help contribute to a happy healthy life. Since then I read a post about people you become friends with and stay friends with and how some friends come and go.

While I was reading, I started thinking about my close friends from Junior High. I was reminded of my relationships with these friends and I likened it to us—there are four of us—walking through a forest on life’s journey, walking in a HUGE forest, yeah, “The Forest of Life”. We are walking together. Sometimes we are on the same path, either in a line or two in front of the others or whatever; when it is the same path we can all see each other. Sometimes, the path might become separate trails. Sometimes these trails can be separated just by pebbles or rocks on the ground. Sometimes the trails might be separated by low bushes or even high bushes, dense or thin. Sometimes there might even be HUGE trees and maybe even different levels that separate our trails from the one big path we were at one point walking on together, but I still hear them there. I still know they are there. The trails meet up and go apart, bushes, trees, pebbles, rocks, maybe even streams might separate the path sometimes, but we are all still on the hike, in the same forest.

Yes, what I AM saying is that sometimes things come up and these things get in the way of a closeness that might have been shared. Sometimes one of us might be going through a phrase where she might feel alone, on a side trail. Sometimes we can all be on completely different trails.  We have all had “stuff” in our lives that has taken us away from the group, but, that’s the way it goes. We’ve know each other since Junior High . . . about 30 years and there is no way that in 30 years the relationships of four people could not change and adjust, but we are all on the same walk.

I am so blessed to have three friends from Junior High that are my bestest friends. Even though at times we have slightly separated, and come together, and moved off, and come back, and we might not have all been super-duper close all 30 years, but we have not been apart. Since we were 18 we have been getting together for each birthday and Christmas. So for almost 25 years we get together AT LEAST five times a year.  It doesn’t always work out that all four of us get togther every time, but pretty much.

Speaking of birthdays, one of these friends just happens to be having a birthday today. And I thought that I could post a Happy Birthday on here for her. I didn’t ask her and I didn’t tell her so . . . .I won’t name her, but she knows who she is. If she happens to see this and cares to step up, that is up to her.

Either way, I am wishing her a happy, happy birthday and letting her know that I have enjoyed all the years I have been able to do so and I look forward to being able to wish her many, many more. I could have subconsciously been thinking of walking because we are going to celebrate her birthday this year by walking in the MS Walk in San Jose.  Maybe, at lunch, after the walk they will let me take a picture and I will get their permission to post it here.  (So check back in a few days and maybe you can see us!   It took a week, but I did post a picture of us, see below.)

I always marvel at THEIR wonderfulness for having put up with me this long.

Here’s to us and the journey that we are on, walking through the forest of life . . . . . .

18 Responses to “The Forest of Life”

  1. Is her name Karen? I’m betting it’s Karen.


    • YOU are the reason I moderate comments! Sigh, just kidding. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Cheeky Monkey!

      (For those that don’t know, no, it’s not Karen. We don’t even know a Karen.)


  2. bsain said

    This is great! I bet your friend has a huge smile on her face right now for such a great Happy Birthday!
    I really love the way you describe friendships by sometimes separated by pebbles or huge trees — excellent!


    • Ha! Here you are. I was just commenting on your site and put a note in there that I posted this post.

      I don’t know that my friend has seen it. I think if she had she would comment. I won’t point it out until I see her on Saturday and ask them if I can take a picture for the blog. We will all be “walk grungey” but . . . we’re old enough to not care, I think.

      I had never thought of the separations that way, until I was commenting on YOUR post. It just came to me. Like I said in my post (it wasn’t JUST a shameless plug) I think that maybe the upcoming walk kind of allowed that idea to bubble up or something.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. Mary said

    I think “shameless plugs” are a necessity if you want to be noticed online. I found you through your comment on “First Pages.”

    I like that the discussion of friends that was started on Becky’s blog and the conversation has continued here. I personally envy you in that you have that lifelong connection with your friends. Sometimes it may be tenuous as you each go on your separate journeys, but I am betting that if any one of you had need the others would be right there in a heartbeat.


    • Nice. Thank you for coming over. I found Becky’s blog on a friend’s blog.

      I was thinking about posting a birthday post for my friend so Becky’s post helped me as I was commenting I came up with the forest.

      I know that I am very blessed to have friends that I have had for over half my life. My hubby is the same way. He has friends he’s known since Junior High.

      And YES, thank you, that is exactly what I am saying, even though we might appear to be separate we aren’t really.

      Thank you so much for popping over. And thank you so much for commenting. I hope you find your way back.


  4. niachick said

    Hi Terre,

    What a heartwarmining and lovely post about the reality of connections. This is so wonderful that you’re still connecting with people you knew in junior high. Goodness, I only know of one person that’s still in my “circle of friends” from that time. And we very rarely connect…I actually haven’t seen her since my dad’s funeral 5 years ago. We connect every so often via e-mail.

    You’re such a warm and loving person Terre. I look forward to the time when I can give you a real hug. For now, please accept this virtual bear hug. Squeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!




  5. suzicate said

    The ones you can drift apart from and come baack together with are the real friends. Glad you have a group of them. Happy birthday to your notKaren friend and hope you guys have fun celebrating.


    • Yeah.

      You are so funny! You make me laugh.

      The e-mails between the friends are flying about this morning in final preperation. Who’s bringing what and what time we are going to meet and who can stay all day and who has to rush off and who has to leave at what time and where are we going to meet . . . . . . fun.


  6. Michele said

    Oh Terre, I am misty…you are such a wonderful friend, no matter what trail we are on we will always be in the same forest, I love that!! Here I am a day late and probably more than a dollar short, but honored to be mentioned in your post on friendships. See you tomorrow for the walk and my birthday celebration!!! Love you! (Big smile)


    • Since I called you yesterday and you didn’t answer I figured you were busy. And I didn’t want to bother you and say, I posted a Happy Birthday for you.

      Here is another example of how things work out. I was thinking of posting a happy birthday to you, but wasn’t sure how, I ended up on Becky’s blog that compelled me to comment and this forest idea occurred to me and then, click, click, click, like dominos.

      Happy Birthday. (I don’t know if you noticed—-because I put is up AFTER you commented, but I added a picture of the framed wall hanging you gave me to the OTHER friend post.)


  7. Jennifer said

    Very well said Terre. I really liked how you explained that. I appreciate and value all your friendships and thank you for putting up with me all these years as well. XXXXOOOO



    • WHOA! Hey you! Thank you so much for stopping by. I really, really, really appreciate it. And I really appreciate that you commented.

      It is not always the most desired thing that our paths with friends get separated, but that is life. Life gets busy sometimes.

      I am flattered that you like how I explained it, it just really made sense to me when it occurred to me.

      Thank you again for your friendship (INSERT BIG HUG HERE!!!) and thank you again for reading and commenting. Now that you did it once, you might be back to do it again. 🙂


  8. Colleen said

    Terre, thanks for caring enough about the girls and I, to post on your blog. You are such a wonderful friend. I cherish the relationship that we have. I cherish each and every one of you-my friends. Without the stability of your presence in my life all these years, I don’t know where I would be. Thanks!
    Love ya!


    • WHOA! I am so lucky that all of you visited and commented. YAY! So cool.

      Thank you for stopping by AND commenting (thats the big thing, lots of people visit, but not all of them comment).

      I know that I would be less of a happy person if I didn’t have you three in my life all these years. We’ve had too much fun!


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