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Green = Less Wasteful

Posted by terrepruitt on April 17, 2010

I love that not wanting to be wasteful is called “green” now.  Yeah, I am finally not “cheap” or “frugal” (which isn’t bad but it sounds too much like frumpy).  I am finally doing something that is “in”.  I really have always tried to not be too wasteful.  I mean, I admit, I am sometimes wasteful, it is just the day and age we live in, but we can do little things to help.  It could be that I have this engrained in me because when I was young we had a drought which seemed to last forever and back then water was associated with electricity so we tried to conserve both.  Then there was the gas shortage when we could only get gas on the day that matched your license plate.  Remember that, if your license plate ended (or was it started?) with an even number then you could get gas on even numbered days, and it the number was odd, you could get gas on odd numbered days.

Well, I just habitual do things that some people think are cheap—but now its GREEN.  Sometimes these things stem from accidents.  Like dryer sheets.  Have you ever thought of re-using a dryer sheet?  If you use it for more than one load of clothes it probably won’t work well.  But have you noticed that after it has gone through the load it is kind of rough?  But not REALLY scratchy rough, but it might just be the perfect rough you need to scrub something?  This happened for me quite by accident.  I was in the garage and I need to wipe something up and I didn’t want to go in the house to get a paper towel so I thought about a dryer sheet.  I looked in the dryer and sure enough there was one, so I used it to “scrub” what needed scrubbing and it worked perfect.  Or sometimes I just want to wipe something while I am in the garage, and I am always lucky enough to find a dryer sheet in the dryer.

Now honestly I don’t save used dryer sheets for this purpose, but sometimes they are just lying around (or does that only happen in my house?  Seems like they stick to the towels and sheets and end up all over the house) and it comes in handy that there is one to use.  That just happened right now so that is why I am typing this post.

I am sure some will argue that NOT using dryer sheets at all would be more green.  I would say that I only use the dryer for my towels and sheets.  And if they are going to be used why not get TWO uses out of them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the dryer sheet people have this on their website or some other helpful hint website has it on there, but I thought I would share it with you on MY blog.  For once I just sat down and started typing and didn’t look all over the internet to see if I was copying someone.  At this point, I don’t care.  I thought of this myself and I am sure someone else has but more than one people can have a thought and share it, right?

Do you use dryer sheets for anything else?

4 Responses to “Green = Less Wasteful”

  1. niachick said

    Hi Terre! I love this!! Dryer sheets…so many uses!!! I have never used them as a scrubber, but will absolutely do so now!!! Fabulous!

    I’ve used them for air fresheners. Mostly I use them in the basement area where the cats’ litter boxes are located. I’ll attach one with a clothes pin (remember those?) to any of the various cords, etc. that are hanging around in our basement. The air freshener part doesn’t last long, but it works for a time. I’ve also used them in my lingerie drawer as a “sachet”. I’ve used them to pick up cat hair (having 5 cats that is a bit of an endless job).

    One thing I also learned about dryer sheets is that they will create a “film” over the dryer lint screen (or whatever it’s called). I read somewhere that every month or 2, you should take the lint screen and clean it by spraying water on both sides and even using a little soft toothbrush or other such brushy kind of thing and go over the screen. I did it an it’s true! I took the lint screen out and looked at by holding it up to the light. There was a thin film…almost unnoticeable at first. Then I washed it off, let it dry, held it up to the light again and voila’ the thin film was gone. Now mind you, before our washer and dryer were replaced a couple of months ago, I had my dryer for nearly 12 years and NEVER washed out the lint filter screen. I cleaned it out of course after every load but never thought of how the build up of the filmy stuff from dryer sheets could actually reduce the efficiency of the dryer (not to mention a possible fire hazard).

    So there ya go. The pros and cons of dryer sheets. I intend to go with the pros of them. They make the towels and sheets and lingerie easy to fold without the static electricity and they smell good!

    Thanks again Terre. You’re just full of interesting facts!!!!




    • I have used them “sachets” too. Pick up cat hair? You mean like a lint brush? Fresh ones or already been tossed with the laundry ones?

      Good to know about the lint screen and the “film”. Makes sense because that is how the dryer sheets and softners “make” things “soft”, the deposit a coating onto the clothes and towels that “make” them soft.

      Look at you! You are so cute. You added so much to my little dryer sheet blog, YOU’RE full of interesting facts. Thank you so much for sharing. Now this post is CHOCK FULL of helpful hints and uses for dryer sheets. Yay! Thanks!


  2. Melisa said

    I’ve never used dryer sheets. I can’t stand my laundry fragrance other than the “fresh breeze” smell they get after hanging outside to dry. Which hasn’t happened much during this rainy Oregon spring…..


    • Yeah, around here hanging your clothes outside would not net you a “fresh breeze” scent.

      I only put my clothes in the dry for about 5 minutes, then I hang them to dry. I only dry towels and sheets so I use the dryer sheets on them. But they say that the coating that dryer sheets deposit to make them soft makes towels less absorbent.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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