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Nia White Belt Principle #7

Posted by terrepruitt on May 25, 2010

The first half of Nia White Belt Principle #7 is the Three Planes of Movement.  The second half is Levels of Teaching.  (You can learn more about Nia’s Belt Levels here)  The three planes of movement in Nia can be easily described as low, medium, and high.  The planes are used to allow our bodies to practice agility and mobility.  We use the floor, the space in between, and the “high”.  We bend and fold.  We reach out and stretch up.  We move in space both horizontally and vertically.

With all the movements available to us in the three planes we have the opportunity to experience energy as it moves around us.  In addition to the possibilities of energies the journey should be to pleasure and comfort.   As you move through the planes part of practice of  Nia is to observe how our joints open and move more freely.

Just like the three levels of intensity Nia encourages everyBODY – regardless of fitness level – to work and play in all three planes.  Keeping in mind everyone’s low, middle, and high is unique to their own body.

Moving through the planes can tie into the levels of intensity.  For example if doing the bow stance, the lower or deeper you go could be considered a level of 3 intensity because going down and coming back up would require greater effort and be more intense than staying “high” and not lowering into a deep bow.

Strength, stability, and flexibility will also be a result of working through and in all the planes.  The more we play in all of these areas we develop more ability in all of them, the more we can maintain balance in the entire body.

If you want to join me in a Nia class please look at my San Jose Nia class schedule or my San Carlos Nia class schedule.  I look forward to seeing you.

4 Responses to “Nia White Belt Principle #7”

  1. niachick said

    Another fine post my dear. I like your use of the bow stance and how bringing the knee closer to the ground would be Level 3 — it certainly is for me!!! I need a nice slow song to be able to do that!!! 🙂

    You’ve inspired me. You said “In addition to the possibilties of energies the journey should be to pleasure and comfort.” I’m going to start with tonight’s class inviting students to make the next hour a journey. That excites me, compels me…to think of diving in to something and making it a “journey” instead of an exercise class or a cardio work out…or even an hour of fitness fusion…well that is just exhilarating.

    Thank you for your inspiration!!! Life is indeed a journey and Nia is my mode of transportation for many miles along the way!!!




    • Jill –

      Since I guided my students thought Sexi this week and we do a lot of bows in that I had them on my mind. Fast, slow, deep, not deep . . . . plus, to me bows are the easiest move to use to describe intensity levels. It is also a great one to prove you don’t have to jump to get your heart rate up!

      Why, thank you. I am happy I inspired you, because, well, it really IS a journey. Pleasure and comfort is not the normal destination for an exercise class, so . . . . it is a journey . . . something that sometimes takes awareness to get to. Right?

      Thank you for enjoying! XOXO


  2. niachick said

    You’re so right, Terre. The bow stance is a GREAT move to show the levels of intensity!!! And no kidding about the not having to jump to get your heart rate up!!!

    Do a few bow stances with a downward punch or a downward block at a regular speed and then doubletime and oh yes…heart rate UP!!!

    Journeying with Joy,



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