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Archive for April, 2010

Sodalite and Moonstone

Posted by terrepruitt on April 29, 2010

Sodalite – From the things I have read the main thing sodalite is believed to do is bring calm, inner peace, and balance. I have often seen it associated with helping make clear and rational decisions. (Which I would imagine would be easier if your mind was calm and you had inner peace, so those two things seem like they would go together.) In addition to clear and rational thinking, some information states it helps with creative thought too. I have also seen that it helps with inflammation which goes along with the information I have seen that says it assist with immune systems. (Because inflammation is part of that system.)

Moonstone – I see that this stone is said to also bring calm. Most information states, “Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength.” Also, it is said to stimulate balance of hormones. (Which we must remember is necessary in males as well as females.) Several things say it is a stone of protection and that it is a healing stone.

This is stuff that interests me. At one time I thought it was pretty (what I call) woo-woo, but then when I start looking into Nia I started seeing things a little differently. When I first discovered Nia I bought the book (The Nia Technique Book). As I started reading it I thought it was too “woo-woo”, but then they related it to science and it made sense. Then I started thinking that there had to be things on this earth that we were given before we had science that could assist with our health and wellness. So I thought, “Why not energies in a stone?” So, I am just interested in this. I feel more comfortable when I read the information out there (and there is so much out there) and it states basically the same information. Then I feel like at least everyone is on the same page.

I was interested in some of the properties these two stones were said to have. I have not listed them all but just some. I have a few in the house. Not sure they are doing any good, but they are pretty.

Do you think stones have energies? Do you think stones have healing properties?

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Vase Are Like That, Ya Know?

Posted by terrepruitt on April 27, 2010

My husband broke a vase last night.  As he first starts to read this he probably won’t be too happy because this post might appear to be about him and this blog was not supposed to be about us, it is supposed to be about Nia, and health, fitness, and nutrition.  I have noticed that my posts that are strictly about exercises and working out don’t get as much traffic as the ones that are about life’s situations.  There are so many sites and blogs about ways to exercise and workouts to do, so I am thinking I will do more posts about situations that connect to health and wellness, like this one.  It is not about my husband, but about me and how I feel I have progressed to assist with my own wellness.

Used to be a broken vase would greatly upset me, but I think of myself as getting better with stuff like that.  He was in a hurry and was doing something nice for me (very nice*) and he accidentally knocked a vase down.  Oh well.  I sighed.  I was sad for a moment.  He even said, “Vases are like that, ya know?  They break.”  Which is true and truly funny at the same time.  But for me, just going on with the evening is different than I used to be about a decade ago.  I am a “stuff” person so I used to lament over broken things.  Sometimes I do a little still, but I am learning—still.

I was wondering what to write today when I was rushing around trying to bake some banana bread for a friend who donated to my MS Walk.  Guess what I did?  I broke a vase.  I laughed.  Then I was sad.  But then I was happy because, “Vases are like that, ya know?  They break.”

I know that often times it is so much healthier to let things go, but honestly it is not always easy.  Once upon a time I would have been so upset about the vase last night that I would have allowed it to ruin the evening.  Because accidents seem to happen when people are rushed (see the first sentence in this paragraph).  If I would have had a fit last night I would have ruined the evening AND had a totally impossible time dealing with the vase I broke today.  It would have been, “What?  It’s not ok for my hubby to break a vase, but when I do it, oh well?”  Yeah, right.  And we were both trying to do something for someone else.

So . . . . sigh.  I feel so much better that I had a nice evening last night with my hubby.  I will also be able to have a nice evening tonight too because he will just be able to tease me about breaking a vase, but I won’t be apologize because I was a jerk when he broke one.  So instead of getting upset (over something that really is not worth getting upset over) I let it go which actually helped me health-wise because I didn’t have a ball of anger inside.  That helped keep the evening open so that we could have a nice evening.  I am not worrying about how I am going to explain to him that I can break a vase and he can’t.

Being able to let things go and just move on away from it is a good thing sometimes.  Because really in life vases ARE like that, ya know?  They DO break.

*This is what my husband was doing when the vase broke.  He had gone outside in our yard and cut some flowers for me.  Usually he just gives them to me to put in vases, but I was busy cooking so he was being super nice and putting them in vases too.  Sometimes life it like that too, homegrown freshcut flowers brought to you by your love.

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50 Word Story

Posted by terrepruitt on April 24, 2010

I have a friend who writes a blog.  She is an childhood neighbor of my husband but before meeting in person, I met her through her blog first.  But we actually have met in person a couple of times when she was in San Jose.  Anyway, she wrote a post about a 50 Word Story and I wrote a story as a comment on her blog.

My 50 word story was about dance.  It actually was written thinking of a new to Nia student.  I really like my story.  It is one of those thinks that I just like and I don’t really care if other people like it or not.  One of THOSE things.  It is on my desktop and I want to file it away, but I know if I do I will forget about it, so I thought that I could post it.  I thought that posting in today in honor of Bay Area National Dance Week would be fitting.

She walks shyly into class.  Afraid of what people she might see.  Unsure about dancing barefoot.
She removes her shoes. The music starts, sparking a fire in her soul.  She dances with pure joy.  She IS Joy.
She walks out with a sexy sway of her hips, shy no more.

I haven’t asked her so I hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing her idea of inviting my readers (most of who just read and don’t comment) to write their own 50 word story.  I would love to hear a story that you want to share of 50 words.

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Earth Day

Posted by terrepruitt on April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010 – the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  It has been forty years since the first Earth Day was celebrate on April 22, 1970.  I think it is nice that we have a day for the earth, but I also believe that we should celebrate the earth every day.

I believe that the life we have created with all of the packaging, electronics, and modern conveniences ensures that we are unintentionally a little wasteful, but if we ALL do little things to help it can add up.  So this day, which is celebrated on April 22, 2010 around the world, is set out to bring consciousness to our lives.

Here is a video that was shared on Twitter (by @jfouts) and I think it just goes to show that EVERYBODY can do their part to help our beautiful planet.

Are you doing anything special or different than you do every other day to celebrate Earth Day?  Post a comment and let me know.

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Bay Area National Dance Week 2010

Posted by terrepruitt on April 20, 2010

Some of the reasons behind Bay Area National Dance Week is the hope that the Bay Area will celebrate all the different forms of dance; to have the Bay Area be a place where people who love dance can learn, enjoy, and participate in all types of dance; to show that the Bay Area understands that dance is a part of an area’s identity and pride; to let the Bay Area demonstrate that dance is more than just fun and exercise, it is a large part of humanity, a part that helps define us.

The dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area, being one of the country’s largest, is offering hundreds of free classes and events.

There are going to be free Argentine tango classes, jazz dance classes, hip hop classes, hula classes, fire dance classes, Samba classes, modern dance classes, aerial classes, belly dance classes, Zumba classes, ballet classes, yoga classes, Nia classes, and more!  There will also be performances and many other events.

The studio where I teach in San Jose will be celebrating Bay Area National Dance Week 2010.  Several instructors are welcoming students to attend for Free, from April 25 – May 1.***

Sunday, April 25:
    Three separate classes are free

Monday, April 26:
Six separate classes are free* including Nia

Tuesday, April 27:
One class

Wednesday, April 28:
    Three separate classes are free* including Nia

Thursday, April 29:
  Four separate classes are free*

Friday, April 30:
  One free class

Saturday, May 1:
  Two separate classes are free

*some classes are free to new students only, please see my site for more information, or contact me if you have any questions.

I hope you can make it to one of the free classes being offered.  Plan your week.  Get your workout on!  Get your dance on!

***(04/21/10) Some classes have actually been added and the end date at the studio now matches the National Dance Week, Sunday, May 2, please see my site for the added classes.  Thank you.

2013: (My site no longer contains information regarding the 2010 Bay Area National Dance Week, but you can see my site for Nia Class Schedule).

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Green = Less Wasteful

Posted by terrepruitt on April 17, 2010

I love that not wanting to be wasteful is called “green” now.  Yeah, I am finally not “cheap” or “frugal” (which isn’t bad but it sounds too much like frumpy).  I am finally doing something that is “in”.  I really have always tried to not be too wasteful.  I mean, I admit, I am sometimes wasteful, it is just the day and age we live in, but we can do little things to help.  It could be that I have this engrained in me because when I was young we had a drought which seemed to last forever and back then water was associated with electricity so we tried to conserve both.  Then there was the gas shortage when we could only get gas on the day that matched your license plate.  Remember that, if your license plate ended (or was it started?) with an even number then you could get gas on even numbered days, and it the number was odd, you could get gas on odd numbered days.

Well, I just habitual do things that some people think are cheap—but now its GREEN.  Sometimes these things stem from accidents.  Like dryer sheets.  Have you ever thought of re-using a dryer sheet?  If you use it for more than one load of clothes it probably won’t work well.  But have you noticed that after it has gone through the load it is kind of rough?  But not REALLY scratchy rough, but it might just be the perfect rough you need to scrub something?  This happened for me quite by accident.  I was in the garage and I need to wipe something up and I didn’t want to go in the house to get a paper towel so I thought about a dryer sheet.  I looked in the dryer and sure enough there was one, so I used it to “scrub” what needed scrubbing and it worked perfect.  Or sometimes I just want to wipe something while I am in the garage, and I am always lucky enough to find a dryer sheet in the dryer.

Now honestly I don’t save used dryer sheets for this purpose, but sometimes they are just lying around (or does that only happen in my house?  Seems like they stick to the towels and sheets and end up all over the house) and it comes in handy that there is one to use.  That just happened right now so that is why I am typing this post.

I am sure some will argue that NOT using dryer sheets at all would be more green.  I would say that I only use the dryer for my towels and sheets.  And if they are going to be used why not get TWO uses out of them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the dryer sheet people have this on their website or some other helpful hint website has it on there, but I thought I would share it with you on MY blog.  For once I just sat down and started typing and didn’t look all over the internet to see if I was copying someone.  At this point, I don’t care.  I thought of this myself and I am sure someone else has but more than one people can have a thought and share it, right?

Do you use dryer sheets for anything else?

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The Forest of Life

Posted by terrepruitt on April 15, 2010

I posted not too long about  friends, Friends For Life. That post was about friends—good friends help contribute to a happy healthy life. Since then I read a post about people you become friends with and stay friends with and how some friends come and go.

While I was reading, I started thinking about my close friends from Junior High. I was reminded of my relationships with these friends and I likened it to us—there are four of us—walking through a forest on life’s journey, walking in a HUGE forest, yeah, “The Forest of Life”. We are walking together. Sometimes we are on the same path, either in a line or two in front of the others or whatever; when it is the same path we can all see each other. Sometimes, the path might become separate trails. Sometimes these trails can be separated just by pebbles or rocks on the ground. Sometimes the trails might be separated by low bushes or even high bushes, dense or thin. Sometimes there might even be HUGE trees and maybe even different levels that separate our trails from the one big path we were at one point walking on together, but I still hear them there. I still know they are there. The trails meet up and go apart, bushes, trees, pebbles, rocks, maybe even streams might separate the path sometimes, but we are all still on the hike, in the same forest.

Yes, what I AM saying is that sometimes things come up and these things get in the way of a closeness that might have been shared. Sometimes one of us might be going through a phrase where she might feel alone, on a side trail. Sometimes we can all be on completely different trails.  We have all had “stuff” in our lives that has taken us away from the group, but, that’s the way it goes. We’ve know each other since Junior High . . . about 30 years and there is no way that in 30 years the relationships of four people could not change and adjust, but we are all on the same walk.

I am so blessed to have three friends from Junior High that are my bestest friends. Even though at times we have slightly separated, and come together, and moved off, and come back, and we might not have all been super-duper close all 30 years, but we have not been apart. Since we were 18 we have been getting together for each birthday and Christmas. So for almost 25 years we get together AT LEAST five times a year.  It doesn’t always work out that all four of us get togther every time, but pretty much.

Speaking of birthdays, one of these friends just happens to be having a birthday today. And I thought that I could post a Happy Birthday on here for her. I didn’t ask her and I didn’t tell her so . . . .I won’t name her, but she knows who she is. If she happens to see this and cares to step up, that is up to her.

Either way, I am wishing her a happy, happy birthday and letting her know that I have enjoyed all the years I have been able to do so and I look forward to being able to wish her many, many more. I could have subconsciously been thinking of walking because we are going to celebrate her birthday this year by walking in the MS Walk in San Jose.  Maybe, at lunch, after the walk they will let me take a picture and I will get their permission to post it here.  (So check back in a few days and maybe you can see us!   It took a week, but I did post a picture of us, see below.)

I always marvel at THEIR wonderfulness for having put up with me this long.

Here’s to us and the journey that we are on, walking through the forest of life . . . . . .

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Posted by terrepruitt on April 13, 2010

In Nia we refer to FAMSS.  We practice FAMSS.  We can use it for all types of things.  It stands for:


And by “use” it I mean, it is often incorporated into each kata of a routine.  Or a kata might concentrate on just flexibility, the next one agility, the next one mobility, and so on.  Or we could use FAMSS as a focus OR an intention of a Nia class.  Either all of them (Flexibility AND Agility AND Mobility AND Strength AND Stability) or just one (Flexibility OR Agility OR Mobility OR Strength OR Stability).

But whatever we do with it or them, they are highly regarded as abilities needed to ensure one’s (high) quality of life.  So in Nia we honor them all.  In a Nia class we weave them into the workout.  In this post I am just referring to FAMSS in the physical.  They can certainly be applied to more than just our physical bodies, but that can be another post just by itself.

For now, I am just talking about our physical bodies needing to be flexible, agile, mobile, strong, and stable.  Just to move around in daily life these five things are very important.  In Nia we can bend down in a forward fold as in the familiar pose one might do in a yoga class, allowing our flexibility to be enhanced.  The music might encourage us to run, stop, run, stop, run, stop or move us to play the drums calling upon our bodies to display agility in legs, in arms, in our bodies as a whole.  We can move our bodies as if they are grass in a field or seaweed in the ocean, moving each part, each section, each muscle, and all major joints to help ensure their mobility.  We could crouch in a bow stance moving up and down exercising the strength in our legs.  Then we can we stretch, reaching to the sky as we look up, this can be stability practice, either on flat foot, on the ball of our feet, or in releve.  This could be one song in which all of this FAMSS is going on or it could be spread out over the entire routine.

Just tonight in my San Carlos class a woman told me that after her first class last week her hip felt better.  She said that after her hip felt better on that first night it encouraged her to do a few of the moves at home that we had done in class.  So she started working on her FAMSS in the first class, she was encouraged that movement was working to increase her FAMSS so she moved more.  With movement she felt more comfort and less pain.  FAMSS is necessary for a high quality of life.  Her ever day movements were better not because she did it once, but because she kept doing it.  Nia honors Flexibility and Agility and Mobility and Strength and Stability, so in Nia we practice it.

I hope one day you will attend one of my classes (I have two in San Jose and one in San Carlos*) to see how we can improve your FAMSS.

*Please see my website for my CURRENT class schedule.  Thank you!

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Paying More For Less

Posted by terrepruitt on April 10, 2010

After dropping a friend off at the San Jose Airport, I went to the store that was on the way home to get some vegetables. Not my “usual” store. I decided to get some pasta to have with the chicken and salad I was planning on serving. I like to have the Buitoni Pasta that is stored in the refrigerated section. We have that every once in a while. I walked up to the case and I saw a couple of choices that I would normally choose. $4.59. And then I saw another brand, Monterey Gourmet Foods, and I thought, “Oh, I think I had that before and I liked it.” So I looked for something that sounded familiar and I didn’t see it but I saw the price $5.79 and I thought, “Over a $1 more, well that’s a no-brainer.” But then the brain, the one I have in my head, said, “Hey why don’t you look for HFCS in the Buitoni. It’s in everything else.” Well, it didn’t have HFCS, but it has corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. So I looked at the one that was a $1.20 more, neither corn syrup solids nor partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

I stood there for a minute and thought not to get either, but then I thought, “Well, I want to try this Whole Wheat Spinach and Cheese Tortelloni.” I’ve had the whole wheat before and I thought it was to thick. But I don’t remember which brand, but I didn’t care for it.

Well, I liked this. It was light. The pasta didn’t seem thick. I was glad my decision to avoid the corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated soybean oil and spend the extra $1.20 worked out good.

Now what that means is I will have this type of pasta even less often than I did before, because now it costs more.  Yeah, I know $1.20 isn’t that much, but . . . . it IS more.  Oh well.

I FEEL better about not eating the corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated oil in my pasta.  Transfat is in a lot of other foods, so I try to avoid it when I can.

I am going to point out that the tortelloni I had didn’t have corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated soybean oil in it whereas the toretellini from Buitoni did, but . . . the website shows that the tortelloni does not. The store I was at did not have Buitoni tortelloni, nor Monterey Gourmet Foods tortellini–not even sure if they make tortellini. So . . . . if you are so are interested in seeing what is in the food, read ingredients. Often times different companies will make a similar product without certain ingredients you might be trying to avoid.

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My Easter

Posted by terrepruitt on April 8, 2010

I am using today to post My Easter in pictures.

I started out the day doing my Nia workout. . . . thank God, I got my workout in before brunch.

We went to a friends in San Jose.  It was a small gathering so I thought it would be pretty causal, and it was, sort of, this was the spread that met us . . . . pretty fancy, but very relaxed.

We probably could have stayed there visiting all day, but we had to rush off to an early dinner.

We went straight from brunch to dinner in Milpitas.  Since the family was done with dinner this is from dinner.

We had a good day. Good food and visiting with friends and family. Very nice. What did you do? What are your traditions?

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