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Chocolate and Bacon

Posted by terrepruitt on July 20, 2010

So you might think this post is about chocolate and bacon–that is what the title might lead you to believe.  That is because I could not bring myself to state the truth; chocolate COVERED bacon.  Just the thought of it makes my stomach kind of contract.  I will be honest, I LOVE bacon.  I really do.  One time I was making something for a party that required bacon and I was jumping up and down saying to my husband, “Do you know what this means?  It means we have bacon!”  Ya see I don’t eat bacon that often because it is just not something I consider needed to be a part of a healthy diet.  So I was very excited to have to cook it for a recipe which would mean there would be at least a piece left.  After I cooked it and gave him some my husband realized why I was so excited.  It is yummy, but we don’t eat it often.

Chocolate, I am ok with.  I am not a chocoholic and I can live without it.  And some chocolate is DEFINITELY better than others.

I was talking with my friend about chocolate covered bacon and I was saying how disgusting I thought the thought of it was.  So, being an evil person disguised as a great person (ha, ha!) she bought me a piece.  She was walking down the street and was overwhelmed by the smell of bacon and realized it was coming from a candy shop.  So she bought me one.

She gave it to me and I just couldn’t eat it.  Just the THOUGHT of it grossed me out.  I put it away and forgot about it.  When I remembered it, my stomach did a cramping like flip-flop.  Ewwww.  Just the thought of it grosses me out.  What a horrendously unhealthy combination.

No, yes, however you say that, I am NOT the epitome of healthy eating, but I try to avoid the things I feel are the really glaringly obvious unhealthy stuff.  So my tummy was NOT wanting to try it.

As I was taking it out of the bag to take picture I noticed a piece broken off.  I tasted it.  It really doesn’t taste like anything but salty chocolate.  After I took the pictures I ate the small piece and let hubby have the other one.    This chocolate happens to be one of the ones I think it better than others.  But I couldn’t really taste the bacon as bacon.

To me, if I am going to eat bacon and have those calories and fat I want to eat the bacon and taste the bacon and enjoy the bacon.  Eating it covered in chocolate is a waste to me . . . but that is just me.  Everyone eats how they want and this is not how I choose to eat.  So chocolate covered bacon will not be one of the foods I have as a treat.

What about you?  Have you tried it?  Do you like it?  What chocolate covered salty food (or?) have you tried as a treat?

16 Responses to “Chocolate and Bacon”

  1. Dani H said

    I am on Team Terre ~ Chocolate and bacon just do not even sound like something I would want to try. I love bacon, but agree with you that it should not play a big part in a healthy diet. If I crave something that is not healthy for at least three days, I usually have some. When I buy bacon, I put the individual strips in one layer on a baking sheet, then freeze them. Once frozen, I put them in a zip top bag. Whenever I do really want bacon, I can just take a strip or two from the freezer straight to the frying pan. *Big Squishy Hugs*


  2. Cheryl said

    We have made this before! Fun to try!


  3. I didn’t really think about that it is sort of a waste. I really would have rather had a couple of strips of regular bacon then a reeses (peanut butter cup, not the monkey)((on second thought, I’d be ok with the Monkey))


  4. I have to admit I have a fondness for both but the combination is not mouthwatering. It looks from the picture that the chocolate used was milk chocolate, I wonder if plain chocolate (my preffered type) would have brought out the bacon flavour more. I would think that chocolate covered bacon would do really well in Scotland ~ birthplace of the deep fried Mars bar (again something I haven’t tried, my teeth refuse to put themselves in such danger)


    • The chocolate was very good, but it being on bacon made it a “waste” of both the bacon and the chocolate to me. But . . . . some people probably love it.

      This was purchased at a beach boardwalk so I believe they have a lot of other unhealthy options like fried twinkies and things. But I am not positive because I didn’t look at any of the food places. I kept walking by them quickly. The waffle cones always smell so yummy. Sometimes I think a treat is fine, but I need to do some re-vamping of my diet as it is and adding any of those treats would not be the kind of re-vamp I am needing.

      Well, if you think it would do good in Scotland, maybe you can try it. There is a commentor here that sells candy supplies! 🙂


  5. You know the big thing at the State Fair of Texas last year was fried butter. People stood in line for fried butter. Can you feel your arteries now?

    Chocolate bacon is *not* appealing. I actually read a blog post where they had it and did try it. The writer confirmed my belief. It was nasty. Reading this gave my stomach a flip-flop too. LOL.



    • Fried Butter. How do they even do that? I bet it is not 100% butter otherwise wouldn’t it just be like eating buttered batter? I mean it would just melt into the batter and then drip all over when you bit into it. Oh Angelia, that is just sad.

      No, chocolate bacon is NOT (capital, bold—its ok) appealing. And it taste just like salty chocolate, so it seems if you crave chocolate and salt, chocolate covered nuts or pretzels would be a better choice.

      I tried it too. I was getting sick THINKING about it, but a piece had broken off in the bag so I tried it and it was not as gross as I thought—like I said, it taste just like salty chocolate. Once I had the little piece that broke off I could eat the smaller of the two pieces pictured. The texture of the bacon is odd. I think it is a very unhealthy combination, but doesn’t taste any worse than anything salty covered in chocolate. I also am convinced that it matters WHAT chocolate is covering it. This was good chocolate. Some chocolate itself is nasty so put it on bacon and it would be doubly so.

      I tried it for two reasons: 1) my (evil) friend bought it for me to try and 2) I wanted to blog about it


  6. Colleen said

    Being the evil person that I am, disquised as a good person – I’m glad that you actually tried it. The only reason that I bought it for you was because we literally just had the conversation about how disgusting it was, and Bam! there it was in the candy store. It was fun to try as a novelty. Wasn’t great, but not too bad either – just salty chocolate with a weird texture. I certainly would never buy a box of it. But buying a piece to harass you – was priceless. It gave you a blog topic too. And now you have the story to tell forever. (hee-hee)
    Love ya! xoxo


    • You outed yourself.

      Thank you. It was funny. It wasn’t BAD, but it IS chocolate covered bacon — which is not something that needs to be in anyone’s diet.

      And you’ve HAD to have noticed you give me a lot of blog topics. Did you see the bean post AND the bean salad post?

      THANK YOU. Thank you for the topic and for stopping by to read and comment.


  7. suzicate said

    I love bacon and I love chocolate, but together I have not tried them. Several months ago, someone posted a recipe for bacon chocolate chip cookies…people swear they are good, but I just can’t bring myslef to try it!


    • Yeah, I really love bacon, but I don’t need to add it to everything. I like it separate or in my grits.

      I have a friend who makes bacon cupcakes. I have another friend who likes bacon lattes. Everyone has different tastes. I have not heard of the bacon choclate chip cookies before. I do have a friend who has a chocolate chip BEAN cookie recipe (beans add to add fiber and good stuff), but I have yet to get her recipe.

      I don’t need my chocolate and bacon to be together.


  8. datGurl! said

    I dont think I could. chocolate covered bacon doesnt sound too appealing. my mouth wouldnt be able to compute the two…


    • To me it is just ruining two good treats —- separate treats. One could have a treat of bacon. One could have a treat of chocolate. But putting them together is just ruining two separate times of treats. 🙂


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