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Don’t Get Dehydrated

Posted by terrepruitt on August 26, 2010

As you know from my first post on water, the body is made up of a huge percentage of water.  As you probably also know, sweating is a process that the body utilizes to cool off.  I must always be hot.  🙂  Here in the California Bay Area we had record temperatures.  San Jose reached 102 and San Francisco reached 94.  For me, when it is that hot, it is easy for me to drink water.  I drank a bottle of water right after teaching Nia class today.

It is much easier to become dehydrated in the heat because your body might be sweating more in order to stay cool. Also, because air conditioning takes the moisture out of the air, drinking water even if you are not in the heat is a good thing to do.  Often times when the temperatures get high outside the air conditioner goes on or stays on longer, which seems like it would dry the air out more.  So even in the air conditioned office or home or mall, drink the water.

I often been told that by the time you are thirsty you are already mildly dehydrated.  I like the idea of drinking water throughout the day, but it is really important on the hotter days.  There are different stages of dehydration so when you get thirsty drink don’t wait for until you are lightheaded, or get muscles cramps.

Of course there are other more serious reasons people become dehydrated.  There are also other treatments when the dehydration is severe.  I am just addressing the normal everyday don’t-let-yourself-get-dehydrated-in-the-excessive-heat kind of thing.  Funny because my last post regarding water was because it was nice and cool and sometimes a challenge to drink water.  In the heat please remember to hydrate!

4 Responses to “Don’t Get Dehydrated”

  1. I’ll chime in that when I was drinking a gallon a day. I did not overeat. My skin was very healthy and clear – not red or blotchy. Water not only helps the outside, but your inside body parts work smoother and more efficient. At my last doctors visit I was told my CO2 was down and that is from not drinking enough water. It is VERY important. So, I’m going to get a glass right now!


    • What a beautiful tone you have to your chime!!!! That is very true, water is very important to the body! It is used in almost every process of the body either as a component or as transportation for other nutrients. My first post on water asked people to try it to see how their body felt with more water in their system because I think it can be sensed.

      Thanks for chiming in!


  2. suzicate said

    think I need to go drink a glass of water right now…got to get extra hydrated for hiking this weekend.


    • Hiking? Nice. I would think if I moved to a place where it was humid I would get dehydrated all the time because I would be so sweaty all the time I would think to drink water because I would think it was the humidity. I would end up in mild dehydration. I am not a fan of humidity. 🙂

      Have a great time hiking! Can’t wait what great pictures come from it!


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