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Help With Drinking Water

Posted by terrepruitt on July 8, 2010

San Jose weather up until about June had been all over the place!  One day it would be cold, one day it would be windy, the next day it would be raining, then the next day there would be sun, then the next day it would cold, rainy, and windy.  Then—bam! HOT!  It was all over the place.  Honestly, I have a difficult time drinking water when the weather is cold.  When I am cold because the weather is cold drinking water makes me MORE cold.  So I had thought of coming up with things that help me when I have to work at getting “enough” water.

One thing I do is, I heat it up.  When the weather is chilly I just put it in the microwave for about 30 to 45 seconds.  I like it warmer than room temperature but not so hot that I feel as if I need to actually be drinking tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

When the weather is warmer, but I am wanting something more than just plain water I put a cucumber in it.  I had seen this and wanted to try it, then a friend brought it over earlier this year and reminded me.  (Thanks, Friend!)  I am not a fan of lemons, but some people do that.  I like to put a few slices of cucumber in it.

Other things I do, I change what I am drinking the water from.  Sounds weird, I can imagine, but it works for me.  I pour it in a mug instead of drinking it out of my usual bottle.  Sometimes I drink out of different glass, just to have a different sensation.

I find that when the weather is hot I don’t even have to think, I just drink, but when the weather is cool or comfortable, I need a little more reminder.  I drink it when I am practicing a Nia routine or teaching a Nia class, but honestly, lately, just during the day I need to step up my water drinking, I have slacked off a bit and I am feeling it.

Do you drink water?  Do you add things to it?  Drink it plain?  Have a special glass you drink from?  Tell me, I love to hear different ideas.

20 Responses to “Help With Drinking Water”

  1. Obviously, I don’t drink enough. I got myself into some trouble today.


    • Is that why you weren’t feeling well? I hope you feel better.

      Maybe you can include that in your photos to help you keep on track with how much you drink. If you ran that far that fast you probably needed MORE than you normally would drink. HUGS TO YOU MY FRIEND!


  2. In my weight loss days, I carried a GALLON jug of water and I drank it all day. I liked tap water plain. Now I drink it cold, but not as much. The tap water was tasting pretty bad so I had to switch to the filtered. I can’t drink as much of it cold because it hurts my teeth.

    I must say those cucumbers really look good and refreshing in that glass! I have seen people use lime or orange slices too. 🙂


    • Hi! I love seeing you here. Ok, I’ll fess, I love seeing you on all my social media! Yay! Online friends! Woot! Woot!

      Have you tried that toothpaste for sensitive teeth? It is amazing!

      Water is good for your body–all the time. It helps with sooooo much. It helps lubricate joints, hydrate skin, transport nutients. Have you tried it with cucumbers? It adds just the right amount of flavor. Oh, yes, lime and orange –good too—well, I assume, I have not tried it, but I will. I am not a fan of lemon.


  3. Michele said

    mmmmm, cucumbers in water, my favorite! I always need help drinking more water, and seem to do better during the day if I have a large container that is my goal to drink instead of just relying on drinking enough individual glasses, so flavoring a pitcher of water with cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger is my favorite way to get enough water during the day, thanks for the reminder!


  4. suzicate said

    Have not tried putting cucumbers in my water, only lemon, lime, or occasional berries. will try the cukes though.


    • Yeah! Let me know what you think. Sometimes it is nice to let it set a bit. Cucumbers don’t really have a strong flavor.

      Did you see Michele said ginger and mint. I am not sure if that is separate or together. But . . . . oooo . . . that would be different, huh?


  5. Gropius said

    So funny to see this on a blog–I constantly think about how I don’t drink enough water, and then I STILL don’t drink enough water. It’s like procrastinating for a project! My co-worker got in the habit of adding cucumber slices to her water. She loves it. Extra refreshing!


  6. […] don’t-let-yourself-get-dehydrated-in-the-excessive-heat kind of thing.  Funny because my last post regarding water was because it was nice and cool and sometimes a challenge to drink water.  In the heat please […]


  7. […] As I typed this I made me want some cucumber water. […]


  8. Funny, I thought I was the only one who likes to drink water out of different things, and I really seems to taste different. In cooler temps I also like to heat my water up, but then I want it hot like for tea. My great grandmother always believed hot water was helpful for a clear complection (which she always had).


    • That is one great thing about blogging (and social networking), we learn we are not alone! 🙂 Right? I used to laugh at my mom because she said that things tasted different out of different glasses. Could be as a child one does not notice those things? But I noticed whttps://terrepruitt.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-formhen I got older. I do like to have different temperature water depending on the temperature I feel I need. Sometimes I feel I need cold water to cool me down or whatever . . .

      I wonder if your grandmother’s hot water = clear skin had to do with the steam from the water? 🙂

      Thank you for all of your comments. I am enjoying our conversations/interactions!

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