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Sleep Is Important

Posted by terrepruitt on September 7, 2010

Ever since I started teaching Nia I think that I have gotten more sleep than when I had a job with a large company.  Do you get enough sleep?  But what is “enough” sleep?  I think some people think it is like a badge of honor if they can “get by” with a few hours sleep at night.  I think we might forget that sleep is when our bodies do their repair work.

While we sleep our bodies rebuild and repair.  Our brains, while they are busy performing these tasks actually gets its rests and gets ready for the next day.  It is believed that healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night.  Some sources say that getting even just one less hour a night can possibly affect our ability to think properly.  Also it could affect your cardiovascular health and ability to fight infections in an adverse way.  Your energy level and ability to concentrate might be less than desirable due to an inefficient amount of rest.

More and more studies are starting to point to sleep and the lack of it affecting our appetite.  There are hormones involved that are produced while we sleep and their production is reduced when we don’t get enough sleep. These hormones control the feelings of hunger and of being full.  So when we don’t get enough sleep it could result in being constantly hungry and not feeling satisfied.

Our mood is also connected to the sleep we get.  Many people feel irritable and short tempered when they do not get enough sleep.

As previously stated research has concluded that a healthy adult needs between 7 and 9 hours sleep in order to function at their optimum, but everyone is different and the exact amount varies.  Researchers at a California university found that a there is a rare gene in less than 3% of the population that allows for those people to get by on less than 6 hours sleep.  The kind of says that probably 97% of the population is not getting the sleep that their bodies require to function properly.  It is believed that most of the population survive on less than 6 hours sleep a night.

So, if you think sleeping less is something to boast about or if you think that sleep is a waste of time maybe you can try getting more sleep and see how you feel.  Then maybe all these studies that are out there will be viewed in a different brighter light, through less sleepy eyes.

How much sleep, on average do you get a night?

14 Responses to “Sleep Is Important”

  1. Very true. Especially in my life. I notice that when I don’t get enough sleep I eat more and I always feel unsatisfied. But when I do get enough sleep, I notice I don’t have the urge to eat as much.

    I also see a big difference in my attitude as well. I believe sleep is very important. I love the results it brings in my life when I get enough sleep.

    I also notice that when I workout consistently and get enough sleep consistently I’m in this state of mind where I feel like I can take on the world. This state of mind is rare though.

    Great blog Terre! Good reminder for me. Thank you for helping me see the value of getting enough sleep. I need a reminder from time to time.


    • Armando –
      I’ll tell you a secret, as long as you promise not to tell . . . . often times I write posts to remind myself. LOL! I think we all need reminders.

      Sleep is awesome. I think that it does more for us than we can even imagine. I bet we will never know all that it does for us. The information I was reading was full of a lot of “it is thought” and “we are coming to believe” and “researchers now think”, so we might never know all that it does for us, but we know what it does when we don’t get enough.

      It is great that you have seen what enough good sleep will do so that might help encourage you to get enough. In the restaurant business I bet it is a challenge.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Good to see you here!


  2. I find that where and how you sleep are also important. My best naps ever have been in the shade in a hammock, in a cabin in the forest and in a boat that is moving. I also like sound when I sleep. The Apple iPhone apps for sleep inducing sound creation are pretty cool and I’ve enjoyed them.


    • Well, HOW you sleep, as in the QUALITY is very important. So with that in mind, I would agree that WHERE you sleep factors in because that would affect the quality.

      What? Are you advertising the Apple iPhone on my blog? You have to put “Apple” like everyone doesn’t know? You are soooooo funny. I think you didn’t get enough sleep and you are delirious.

      Thank you, even if you are advertising on my blog, thank you for stopping by. XOXOX for now.


  3. suzicate said

    I’m chuckling at you and your hubby! So not enough sleep is my problem. I love to sleep, but have not been able to sleep as much as I’d like. I wake up a lot during the night. I probably only get six or seven hours and it is NOT noninterrupted sleep. I used to sleep about nine hours…it was blissful, along time ago but I still remember!


    • Yes, many people do not get enough sleep. I, personally, think it is worth checking into various things that can help sleep. I would look at yoga, warm milk, herb tea, whatever . . . (aside from pharmaceuticals)

      I am NO GOOD when I don’t get enough sleep. Do you sleep better after all that hiking you’ve been doing?

      I chuckle at my hubby, too!


  4. SuziCate said

    I do sleep well after a good hike…pure exhaustion!


  5. niachick said

    OMG…I just read all the comments on this blog post…and had a LOL moment when I read the banter between you and John. Lordy you guys are cute.

    Okay, so I’m finally getting some time to catch up on your blog posts.

    I’m entering what I feel is the ending of the whole menopause cycle for me…which has been going on for a loooooong time. I started peri-menopause and the age of 43, and entered full menopause at 51 (I know this is probaby TMI). I’m now verging on the BIG SIX-O and believe I’m on the downhill slide of menopause. No more night sweats (except when the cats decide to sleep like magnets against my thighs). I do have an occasional hot flash. I WILL BE SO HAPPY WHEN I CAN GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP AGAIN. It’s been years since I’ve been blessed with several nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. I blame it on hormones, but I actually think it has more to do with my internal organs than anything else…my internal organs, my 4 cats and my snoring husband.

    How many hours of sleep do I get a night? Probably between 5 and 6. I do best with between 7 and 8. That’s a rare occasion these days. If I go for more than 3 days with less than 6 hours of sleep I get edgy, weepy and generally hard to live with. I sleep with earplugs. I love it in the summertime when the A/C is on and the windows are closed so that I don’t hear the wolves howling, or the foxes yowling, or the owls hooting, neighbor kids playing in the pool at midnight, and general traffic noises.

    Absolutely! Consistently working out (for me that’s Nia), and proper nutrition, keeps my body fit. If I drink too much wine, I’ll go instantly to sleep, but wake up about 2 hours later unable to go back to sleep. I can’t drink coffee after Noon or I can’t sleep. I’ve learned through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture that my kidneys and my liver (the internal organs of which I spoke earlier) wake me up. Energy gets blocked along those specific meridians of the body…holding hostage any good sleep vibes.

    I look forward to turning 60. I’m trusting that entering into the next phase of my beingness on earth will find more of the good sleep vibes coming my way.

    Thanks again, as always, for your informational and entertaining blogs!!



    • I love to sleep and require more than less. My hubby is funny. I like when he visits my blog. He was kind of teasing me because I had been tweeting about a comment I received that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

      Menopause. Sigh. What a pain in the but that sounds like. Are there no essential oils that can help with that and help you get a good night’s sleep? Or is it too difficult a “battle” for the oil since it would be struggling with your internal organs?

      All very interesting.

      Activity and good nutrition is essentail. It helps every aspect, including sleep, of our health and wellness.

      Thank you for not only reading the post and commenting, but thank you for reading the comments. XOXO


  6. Hi u r correct sleeping is very important part of human life if any one not sleep as its body require than he faces many problems on his body. He get pain on entire body and his respiratory system not work perfectly and the food will not digest perfectly.


    • Yes, the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep is important.

      I am not going to go so far as to say that people will get pain or not be able to breath or digest their food. But I do believe it affects one’s health.


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