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Strength Training

Posted by terrepruitt on October 16, 2010

I have said it before that resistance training or strength training has many benefits.  I even have posted about it in my Resistance Training Benefits post.  But as I see people in my life age I am reminded daily that having strength can also equal independence.  Being able to do everyday tasks is a great incentive.

Everyday tasks like carrying the laundry, carrying the groceries, and moving the garbage can full of garbage, all things that many of us might not think about, but we would if we couldn’t do them.  So in addition to the health benefits there are also many other reasons to train with weights or resistance.

After age 20, most of us lose about a half pound of muscle a year. By the time we’re 65, we will have lost 25 percent of our peak strength.  Aging plays a part in s muscle mass, but it does not have to be as severe.  If you want to keep doing what your doing—be independent–it is good to put a little muscle into it.  A way to keep the muscles you have or build some is to work them two to three times a week.   Working your muscles does not have to be with weights, but it does have to be resistance.  Anything that you have to exert force to move.  It helps you stay young and independent.

5 Responses to “Strength Training”

  1. niachick said

    My focus for Nia this week is letting go of resistance. However, resistance training when seen through the light of your blog post is essential, especially as we age.

    Thanks as always for your informative blog posts!



    • Well, I don’t know, but I would think that your focus of letting go of resistance is more in regards to “fighting” things in “life”. But I don’t know. When it comes to muscles and health resistance is imperative. Otherwise our muscles will turn to mush. Using resistance for our muscles doesn’t mean we have to make them grow, but they need to be worked to stay strong . . . .helps our bones too.

      But maybe that same idea could be applied to some of the things in life too? Maybe resisting some stuff makes us strong? I guess it depends on what it is, huh?


  2. Edwin said

    Until the 20th century, the history of strength training was very similar to the history of weight training. With the advent of modern technology, materials and knowledge, the methods that can be used for strength training have multiplied significantly.


    • And by weight training do you mean body building, lifting weights for muscular hypertrophy? And with “strength training”, do you mean lifting weights to become strong?

      Modern everything (as you said) has changed a lot in my lifetime alone. It is incredible!


  3. […] Strength training has so many benefits in everyday life, it is good for anyone at any age. […]


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