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Think then Move

Posted by terrepruitt on November 20, 2010

Aside from teaching my Nia classes on Wednesday and Friday I have done NOTHING this week.  Let me explain.  Tuesday I was sitting on the couch and my cat meowed my instructions and before I got up I thought, “The table is close.” And I jumped up and moved toward the sliding glass door to open it, and slammed my foot into the coffee table.  I immediately went to the ground and felt my big toe, my toe next to the big toe, the middle toe, and the little toe.  Somewhere in the depths of my brain I must have known, the second to the last toe was . . . broken? . . . because I didn’t touch it.  Well, I am not sure but it WAS bent at an odd angle and already—within a matter of seconds—turning blue.  Yeah, I did SOMETHING.

So I, actually by today, I can’t remember what I did right after that, but I know it was not too long after that I had put Zheng Gu Shui on it and lacking medical tape, I used two band aids to tape the bent toe to the middle toe.  I stretched out on the couch with my foot up.  I suffered with a throbbing foot.  I kept looking at it willing it to be fine.  I stared at it thinking, “Be ok! Be ok! Be ok!”  Knowing I had done some damage.  I suffered with it taped for a little while then I thought, “Really?  Did it hurt this bad when it was NOT taped?”  No, it didn’t, so I took the band aids off and was so relieved.

I laid around.  I looked up info on the internet.  One website said to seek medical attention because they could possible reset it.  I worried.  I debated.  I decided to call the advice nurse.  I talked to advice nurse who said NOT to tape them together and that they don’t really do anything for little toes.

So what I have been doing all week is thinking.  I think every time before I move.  The very first day I wore out my knees by crawling and my toe does not like facing the ground.  So I have been thinking of other ways to get where I need to go.  I have been calculating if I can roll to my destination.  I consider the distance before I begin the hop.  I dread the moment I have to carry something because I have to traverse the distance in a crawl.  I scoot up and down the stairs. It is so odd to have to STOP before I move and THINK.  Normally I just go without thinking, but now, I have to stop.  Before I move from where I am I think, “What is here in my reach that I might need once I move?  How can I carry it to where I am going?  How am I going to get where I am going?”  Granted, I am very blessed that I only have to think about moving around our house, but still, it is such an odd situation.  Yet it is giving me the opportunity to be aware and to think of different ways to move.  It is amazing to me the different ways the body can move.  I understand now why some babies prefer to roll from place to place instead of crawl.

The comical thing is that I had thought before more about how to move before I moved when I hit my toe, I wouldn’t be in this situation.  I knew that the table was too close, but I proceeded anyway.  Presently, I evaluate my entire path before I even start towards my destination.  It is so amazing what an injury can make you think about.

What about you?  Ever been in a situation where you have to think before you move?

2 Responses to “Think then Move”

  1. Oh my goodness! Owwww! Ouch, Terre, that stinks. It seems so small being a “little” toe, but those suckers help us balance and make a BIG difference!
    I hope it gets better soon. Are you going to be able to teach Nia?

    I think you know I broke my wrist in two places about two years ago. My RIGHT hand. Yes, I’m right handed. It was the little things that really got me. Brushing my teeth, washing my hair, opening doors, writing, typing and eating. I remember every bit of those seven casted weeks. Phew! I was just walking along and fell. Now? I am real careful where I walk. It really does make a difference after you have an accident.

    Get well soon!


    • Thanks for the sympathy. It does stink. I couldn’t put pressure on my foot for all of Tuesday. And I didn’t test it Wednesday — much. I taught my class MOSTLY sitting down.

      On Friday I mostly stood. And today, I stood MOSTLY, and used the chair once, and then during a few of the really “movin'” songs I sat for a moment to demonstrate a couple of moves. Nia is teacher led . . . but at the same time it is what each participant’s individual body can do . . . . so I can lead vocally and they follow their own body.

      I do believe that a big toe, a leg, an arm, a wrist, or a finger would be worse. I am able to pretty much completely function. Granted I don’t walk. I am trying to keep my leg horizontal for the most part. So I scoot — a lot. I gave up on crawling because my knees are killing me. So I can understand how the “little” things you couldn’t do really “got” to you. Frustrating. Thank you for the well wishes.

      I got a little perspective. I have been going all day and my foot is tired so I decided to put my foot up and veg on the couch. I turned on the TV and I caught the end of a story on Inside Edition. http://www.insideedition.com/news/5394/bride-to-be-paralyzed-one-month-before-wedding.aspx A playful push into the pool turns tragic. Made me cry.

      I am very happy that it is just my toe. It will heal.


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