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Move and eat for Health

Posted by terrepruitt on February 22, 2011

I believe that movement, like Nia, can help keep our bodies mobile and balanced.  I also believe foods can give us nutrients to help our bodies function better. I believe there are natural ways to help stave off disease. But I do also believe that at anytime our cells can malfunction and cancer can occur. I don’t try to eat healthy with the idea that if I do I won’t get cancer because so many things can contribute to cancer. So many people have it.  I was just remembering the days when I didn’t know anyone that had cancer.  Now I know too many.  There are so many different types. There is no guarantee one will not get cancer. On a commercial recently for a show I saw a doctor asked who gets lung cancer, her response was, “Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.” That is the truth. Anyone can get it. Unfortunately.

What I DO really believe is that a healthy body can fight it better. A lot of the treatments for cancer kill off good stuff in our bodies as well as the cancer. So if we have a strong healthy body it can combat the offending cells and treatment. Healthy people get sick, but they can often recover faster because they have a base of good health. A body can only handle so much. It is not able to fight off everything thrown at it. There is too much now-a-days. So the healthier the start, the better.

I know a lot of foods claim to decrease the risk of cancer but that is usually not what I am thinking about when I eat it.  I am thinking about how the food is thought to assist in the function of the body.  I am thinking about how I believe that the ingredients on my avoid list* interfere with the body’s healthy functions, which could very well result in a decrease risk of cancer, but will definitely result in your body FEELING better.  Plus I believe that when your body feels better you will actually FEEL better emotionally.

None of us want to get cancer so foods thought to decrease the risk are worth consuming, but I think it is unwise to think that we will not get cancer because we are eating foods “proven to fight”/”shown to decrease the risk”.  We should concentrate on eating well to feel well and stay healthy.

*Ingredients I avoid:  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Partially hydrogenated Oils, Canola Oil

On somewhat of a side note:  I have joined a Team for the American Cancer’s Society Relay for Life.  The walk is May 14, 2011.  If you would like to contribute, please do.  I am walking in memory of a friend who succumb to cancer and family and friends that are survivors or are in current battles.  Also on April 30, 2011, I’m walking in the San Jose MS Walk:    http://bit.ly/terremswalk

5 Responses to “Move and eat for Health”

  1. niachick said

    Another fabulous post Terre. I have little to add to it, other than attitude also contributes to cellular de-structuring which then allows cancer cells to grow. Foods can certainly affect our attitude.

    For instance, I know that if I do not eat protein in the morning (fried or scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil), my “energy” is not the same as when I just eat yogurt. I love yogurt and do eat it every day, but the “attitude” around eating it for breakfast is more about my losing weight by eating less.

    How silly. Wouldn’t I rather have more energy which then creates (for me) a “lighter” attitude.

    Works for me anyway. As always, love your blog.


    • Yes, attitude affects our health. Our health affects our attitude. Our food affects both.

      I think if you are eating two eggs vs. one container of yogurt you are getting possibly twice as much protein. If you eat greek yogurt you would get more protein, but still not as much as two eggs. I have some Greek yogurt in my fridge now that is 14 grams of protein. I have eggs in my fridge, but the container is gone so I am not sure what they are and the internet just told me from 6 to 12 grams. So maybe you can increase the amount of protein in your yogurt if you aren’t already eating the Greek kind.



  2. Albert said

    Hi, Terre. I am new to your blog and think that this is an awesome post. Though the reason for occurrence of cancer is often shrouded in mystery, I believe that eating a balanced diet helps you to enjoy protection against most diseases. I think that eating tomatoes is a good way to fight off cancer. Studies have proved that the lycopene(an anti-oxidant)present in tomatoes prevent the occurrence of lung and breast cancer cells.


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