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Triceps Extension

Posted by terrepruitt on March 1, 2011

I told my Nia Sister Jill that I wanted to post some exercises one can do with a weighted bar.  Her comment on my one of my last posts helped encourage me.  A couple of ways to use the weight bar is triceps extensions.  You can stand or sit down, grasp the bar in an over hand grip, then carefully raise it over your head until your elbows are pointed towards the ceiling and the bar is behind your head, push the bar up.  Concentrate on keeping your elbows pointing up at the ceiling.  Don’t rock, sway, or use momentum to get the bar up and back down (behind your head).   Be sure that the movement is smooth and controlled.  Your core is tight.  Abs contracted to assist in protecting your lower back.  The movement is just from your elbows and you are moving your forearms.  Your head does not move, the bar does not touch your head or your shoulders/neck.

This same thing can be translated into a lying down exercise.  Elbows pointed up, forearms move.  The triceps do the work do not let momentum move the weighted bar.  In this position your core is still tight.  Abs are contracted even while lying down.  Also be careful not to let the bar hit you in the head.

You hands can be about shoulder width apart or close together.  I like to adjust the width depending on how I am feeling.  Another way to do this, depending upon the weight of your bar, you can rest one end of the bar on the ground.  While this allows for the ground to assist you with the weight, I find that it requires me to have my wrist bent at an odd angle.  Be very aware of your wrist if you are allowing one end of the bar to rest on the ground.  You want to make certain that you are not injuring the rest.  So experiment to find a comfortable position that does not put too much stress on it.

These are the same exercises that you might have done with dumbbells.  Using the weight bar is just a different way of doing them.

6 Responses to “Triceps Extension”

  1. You are just a peach. I saw the title of your blog and said, “She’s doing this for me!!!!” — of course I know you’re sharing it with others, too!! Thanks for the visuals. I’ll try both, standing and prone…I’m not quite sure I understand the prone position triceps exercise, but I’ll give both a whirl and let you know what happens!

    Thank you dear Nia sister Terre!!!


    • 🙂 When I first posted about the bar I had ideas of more posts. I was waiting for my toe to get better before I did any because I was thinking of standing exercises and I wanted to do pictures and blah, blah, blah, but this post was for YOU. Your comment regarding the bar made me think of exercises that could be done on the ground.

      I should have been more clear regarding the “lying down” triceps extension. It is the same exercise as the standing one except you are lying on your BACK. Elbows would still point to the ceiling. But unless you are on a weight bench your hands and the bar would not go past your head. I added a picture for you.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you are feeling better. HUGS to you!


  2. SuziCate said

    I need to try that…work it up a bit! I’ve thought of wearing ankle and wrist weights when I walk, but not sure if it will take the fun out of it.


    • I know you are not asking, but . . . . (I’m telling anyway) . . . .

      If you are just walking, as in a walk on a sidewalk, then I would think weights would be fine. But if you are talking about wearing them when you are HIKING and walking on uneven terrain, I would be very cautious with that. First of all with the uneven and the hills and valleys you get good resistance anyway and with the weights it could “pull” you off balance.

      That is just my two cents because I have seen some of the places you “walk”. 🙂 Just be careful, don’t want you getting hurt.


      • suzicate said

        Yes, you have seen those places and you know about my balance issues! Thanks.


        • Yes. I think it is more important for you to concentrate on staying upright when you are on your hikes. (I say this with love and not in jest at all.) When you say “walks” you aren’t really “walking” you are hiking. So keep your ankles safe (and any other body part you could land on) by not HIKING with the weights.

          Use the weights while watching TV or better yet in a little workout routine. That way chances are you will be safe!


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