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May 2011

Posted by terrepruitt on May 19, 2011

Today I taught Nia. It was not a Nia class, but a one-on-one session. No matter what I am teaching, a class, a playshop, a move, a song, an individual, I always learn things myself. It is amazing. Sometimes I am reminded of something. Today I was reminded of how fun it is to teach someone something new. To explain something in a way that allows them to understand. In some instances it might be the information is received and then there is still learning or “mastering” to be done, but they have the tool you gave them. In some instances they just have it. It just depends on what it is. But it is amazing.

When I am learning a new routine I would love to be able to take a perfect “product” into my class. But there is often a point where I know it is not perfect, but I can’t learn anymore by myself. So I take it into class and usually that first time in that one hour I learn more than (or just as much as) I had learned in the time it I spent getting to the point I where I took it into the class. Amazing. I might have actually said this very thing before in a previous post, so it might sound familiar to you. Or it could sound familiar because you have experienced something similar. Learning as you are teaching. I love that!

Well, it is May and for the past week, maybe two it has been cold and raining here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don’t mind it so much. Especially since, as you may know, I have a new found love . . . making soups with my immersion blender! The last one I made I made it too spicy and I couldn’t eat it. I was very sad.  But my husband loved it which was great because he was stuck eating the whole pot. I was thinking it would be the last batch before the warm weather comes in and I might have been right. The past two days have been pretty warm and very beautiful.

It seems like spring might actually finally be here.

During the cold one of my friends posted a picture of some of her flowers. She had cut them and brought them in the house and posted “At least it’s springtime inside the house.” She inspired me. It took me a few days, but I cut these from a tiny rose bush we have in our yard. These are VERY small roses. The bush is probably not even two feet high.

I just wanted to share. I wanted to share the beautiful flowers, the beauty in a sign of spring, the excitement of learning as you teach, the wonder and beauty of the world. I wanted to share and I wanted to say I am looking forward to living in the beauty that is, and learning as I go.

2 Responses to “May 2011”

  1. And so to borrow a quote from Kaycheri Rappaport, this is an a-MAY-zing month for flowers…love those yellow roses, Terre!!! Fabulous.

    I would also like my Nia classes to be perfect, but rarely are they so. I’ve discovered that bringing a new routine into a class without the expectation of perfection allows me to learn along with the students, and this has been an amazing adventure for me!!! Every class I learn something new. This is the beauty of Nia, it’s what keeps me on my toes (or perhaps the ball of the foot!).

    Nia’s adaptability — from a classroom setting to “chair” Nia or a one-on-one private lesson is so rich, so sweet. I’m so happy you’re getting the opportunity to experience these phenomenal opportunities.

    Have an aMAYzing month!!! And as always, I enjoy your blog posts!!!



    • I would like my Nia Routines to be perfect because then when the unexpected happens it won’t mess me up too much. But for me . . . PART of the wonder and wonderfulness that is Nia is that we don’t have to be perfect. I try always to be better. And YES!!!!! What you said is part of the lesson I believe I need to learn and Nia is teaching me . . . to do it without the expectation of perfection because then that allows you to learn and really opens you up to so much more. It is an amazing adventure!!!!

      I am always sooooooo happy when I see a comment and it is from you. I don’t know that you can know how much I appreciate you reading my posts. And all of the support you give me. It is just incredible. I really, really, really appreciate it. And you.

      I am off to get ready for a dinner party! Fun. (A “party” of a couple, but fun!) XOXOXOXO


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