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No Slack-Jawed Yokel Here

Posted by terrepruitt on January 12, 2012

What?  What does THAT mean, right?  Well, as you know this blog was originally started to share Nia with the world.  But as you also know, I don’t feel that I need to post about Nia and my Nia classes every post.  I do feel I need to mention them in every post . . . . just to remind you about it!  🙂  So where am I going with this title and this post?  Sigh.  Confession time.  Yes, forgive me readers for I am more-than-not-perfect and I want to share with you a habit I have.  It is one of those habits that I don’t even know I am doing until I stop doing it and I sense the results of having done it.  It is also an unhealthy habit (I am calling it that because in no way does it contribute to my health and well-being).  I have been sitting at my computer for the last hour and a half — ha!  No, that is not the unhealthy habit I am talking about! I have been doing some work.  It is work that is taking a bit of concentration because I am searching for information.  I was searching and trying to think of ways and places I can find what I am looking for.  So I was concentrating really hard.  When I decided to stop I realized my jaw muscles were sore.  I stopped and thought about it and I realized I was probably clenching my jaw!  I can’t recall if I was grinding my teeth or not, but I KNOW I had to have been clenching my jaw because it is very sore right now.  Geez!  So that is what I mean by there is no slack-jawed yokel here!

Nia teacher, Nia class, Nia practice, Nia movement, muscle soreness, Nia San Jose, San Jose NiaSome of you might now know who THE slack-jawed yokel is.  He is a character on the Simpsons.  He is one of those people who you feel sorry for at the same time he annoys you because he is so not-smart.  But my jaw is tense and not slack, yet I still thought of him.  He is Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel.  You can click here for his theme song.  As you know the title Yokel is not something to use for anyone . . . except maybe a made up character on a cartoon show.  So please forgive me if you find this offensive, I do watch the Simpsons every once in a while and he is one of the characters and so his title popped into my head as I was trying to figure out why my jaw was so sore and tense.

After I thought about what I had to have been doing to make my jaw sore, I looked it up.  The one site I read mentioned wearing a mouth guard.  Since I am thinking I am not grinding my teeth, I think a mouth guard would not solve the problem of clenching my jaw and could make my jaw muscles even more sore.  Unless just the fact that I have plastic in my mouth would make me think NOT to clench my jaw.  Another comment was about maybe caffeine being a cause which made me laugh because I have not been having coffee daily, but today I had some.  But I also have not been working on this project before so . . . . that is something I will have to pay attention to.  (Caffeine + project vs. project caffeine-free)

What about you?  Do you find yourself clenching your jaw?  Do you hold tension in your shoulders and/or neck?  Do you have any suggestions to offer?

4 Responses to “No Slack-Jawed Yokel Here”

  1. That’s funny! I watch the Simpsons now and again, but I don’t remember him. That jaw clenching will give you a headache. Do be careful! I grind my teeth in my sleep (or used to). It is an awful stress habit. I don’t wear a mouth piece. I hope I have teeth left when I’m 80. :-/


    • Ha! If you don’t know Cletus, you don’t watch the Simpsons enough. I don’t get headaches, but I don’t always have a sore jaw either.

      I think you’d be doing great if you have teeth by 80!


  2. niachick said

    OMG. I missed this blog completely when you posted it. How precious. Oh how I WISH I was the slack-jawed yokel. I’m from Missouri, by the way, and we often used the term “local yokel” — but at the time it wasn’t a very endearing term. Anyway, back to the content of your blog. I’ve had TMJ for years. I’ve massaged the insides of my cheeks,with my index finger pulling down on the “jaw muscle” (which is actually quite painful if done correctly), which has helped. I’ve worn dental “guards” in my mouth at night, which have actually helped. What I love the most though is using “Aroma Seiz” essential oil from Young Living. It works!! I put a tiny bit on my jaw line and rub it in just before bed.


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