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Archive for May 19th, 2012

A Special Dance at a Wedding

Posted by terrepruitt on May 19, 2012

I didn’t teach my Nia class today, I had a wedding to go to.  I love weddings.  About five years ago I was sad because I thought we were done going to weddings because most of my friends were married.  Then about a year ago it dawned on me that the young friends that we have would be getting married eventually, plus there are kids of friends and relatives that would be getting married.  That made me happy.  I love weddings.  Weddings are so wonderful because they are about love, they are about expression of love and expression of oneself and the couple.  People can do whatever they want for weddings and that is one of the things I love.  You love to scuba dive, get married under water!  You love to sky dive, do a jump ceremony!  You love horses, get married on horseback!  You love dogs, let your dog be the ring bearer!  You love to dance, have a reception filled with dancing!  Whatever your hobby, it can be the theme of the reception.  Whatever you want,  you can do.  It is basically a reflection of the couple.  A lot of the time current trends have an impact and people might do the latest thing, but some people do the traditional wedding and reception.  Whatever the case as long as it is what the couple wants then that is what makes it so special.

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Often weddings are in the evening, but this one was at the same time as my Nia class so I couldn’t teach and then rush off to the wedding.  The wedding was in the morning, at 10:15 am.  (Wow!  Now that I think about it, I think this is the first wedding I have ever been to that started on time!  Wow.  I just realized that.)  It is my opinion that they could not have asked for a better day weather-wise.  It was so gorgeous.  There was not a cloud in the sky.  The sky was clear and blue.  The ceremony was performed out in the open so the sun was shining, but there was enough of a cool breeze that kept if from getting too hot in the sun.  It was just perfect.  The setting was amazing.  It is somewhat of a local place that I had never even heard of.  It is a gorgeous spot.  The Pulgas Water Temple.

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After the ceremony the reception was held at the same place that my husband and I got married and had our reception fourteen years ago.  It was so nice to see how the place and “grown” and thrived.  The bride’s room is full of glass cases where they have a favor from the weddings and receptions they hold there.  I spotted ours, but the picture didn’t come out.

The real reason I am posting about this wedding is they did something so lovely at the reception I wanted to share.  I have never seen this done and I loved it so much I wanted to put it out there.  After the bouquet toss, they called all the married couples to the dance floor.  Then they invited all of us to dance including the bride and groom.  Then the DJ started calling off years.  Asking who had been married less than . . . . as they called the number of years couples left the dance floor.  So at the end the couple married the longest was left dancing with the bride and groom.  This might be a tradition of the reception hall because the couple that remained received a bottle of champagne from the bride and groom “and Freedom Hall and Gardens”  I thought it was so cute.  So special.  It is a reminder that marriages can last.

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The couple that remained was the grooms grandparents.  They have been married 61 years.  That is definitely something to celebrate and deserves a bottle of champagne.  Of course, it didn’t even cross my mind that I would be posting about it so I didn’t take a picture of them.  But it really was special.  I love this idea!

The day was gorgeous, the wedding locations was gorgeous, the reception hall was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous, it was all just gorgeous.  And I really loved the “married couple dance”.  I look forward to the day when my husband and I are the last ones remaining on the dance floor for this very special dance.

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