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Archive for July 12th, 2012

I Had One of THOSE Days

Posted by terrepruitt on July 12, 2012

So, you know what kind of day I had?  I awoke to a kiss from my hubby.  Then before I could get out of bed I had a sweet little cat rolling around on the floor meowing for attention.  She was very affectionate and spent a lot of time visiting with me.  My hubby said she spent a lot of time with him too, about twenty minutes.  That is a long time, usually she wants to get her morning hugs in then rush off to a bed for her morning nap.  Then my day proceeded with me teaching a Nia class.  We had a great time.  Afterwards my students and I chatted a bit.  The conversation ended on a high – a compliment to me and Nia.

The weather was nice in the morning.

I stopped by the grocery store.  I came home and made a really yummy sandwich using the panini press.  I received a few e-mails from friends and family.  I talked to a good friend.  We had a nice phone visit.  I even took a little nap.

So it was a very wonderful day. I am very blessed.  See?  I had one of THOSE kinds of days, the ones that I am grateful for, the ones that sometimes get lost in the mix.  When I judge my day or talk about it, I don’t condemn the entire day just because there might be a few bad moments.  If you ask me about my day, I will tell you it was good.  I appreciated it.  If you want to hear I will share about the other moments, but I won’t proclaim my whole day BAD or one of “THOSE DAYS”.

I won’t let the fact that when I got downstairs after visiting my cat I noticed that she threw up in four different places, dictate the whole day’s label.  For those of you that have cats, I know you understand (Why do they do it in several places??).  For those of you that don’t have cats, cats throw up.  Sometimes a lot and sometimes not.  Sometimes is it just a hairball and sometimes it is just them not feeling well.  It seems that no matter WHY they are throwing up they have to do it in three (at least) different places.

I won’t claim it “one of those days” even after I went into the bathroom to get my vacuum cleaner hose out of the tub (yeah that is where I keep it) and noticed that the other stuff I had in there was damp.  It wasn’t gonna get that label even after I came back from the garage with a basket to put the stuff in and the entire tub was full of water, then the toilet started to over flow as I was standing there.  Yeah, it still wasn’t a bad DAY.  I still can’t negate all the good of my day by calling the entire day bad when I realized we don’t have a mop.  I use those disposable type of floor cleaners and our mop died a long time ago.  So I had nothing to soak up the water with.  I had to go to the store.

Even when my hubby didn’t get a call back from the plumber before 5:00 pm and we ended up getting one late at night.  I still couldn’t and can’t condemn the entire day.  And I hadn’t had a chance to take a shower all day and it was hot and I got really hot and sweaty bailing out the tub. We did eventually get water.  It was 10:30 pm.  So the laundry had piled up because there was the initial cat blankets and bedding, then the towels to ensure the leak did go past the bathroom, and all the stuff in the tub (I had clothes in the bottom of the tub, ya know the ones I am going to get around to donating?  Geez.).

So even though all of that happened it could have been worse.  I could have not discovered what the cat did behind the TV in her window seat until there was a stench and a trail of ants leading to it.  It was really hot yesterday so it would have baked in the sun.  (Gross I know, but think of how thankful I am!)  I could have not been standing there when the water started coming in and it could have kept coming.  We could have not had water all night.  I would not have been able to make it through the night.

It could have been worse AND I had a lot of great points to the day so I don’t like to say I am having a bad day, or a day from hell, or any of those things.  I had a day for which I am grateful, it had some moments that were kind of icky, but still those were just moments.  The bad moments are not what make up our lives.  We all have bad moments.  We all have things to deal with and “crosses to bear”.  But me, I don’t condemn a whole day for those moments.  I fell asleep thinking about the beautiful moments of my day.

How about you?  Do you have bad DAYS?  Do you let the trying moments dictate the day?

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