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Good Nut

Posted by terrepruitt on August 22, 2013

Walnuts are awesome.  As you may have read in some of my other posts, my hubby doesn’t really like walnuts.  I find that fact rather funny because he likes pretty much everything, but he is not fond of walnuts.  One day I had a bag of pecans on the table and I was having some for dessert.  He grabbed a couple and ate them.  As he was eating them he looked at me and said something like, “What?  These are so good.  Why did I not know these are so delicious?  I am amazed!”  I actually laughed at his reaction to them because pecans really are very yummy.  They are rich and slightly sweet and he didn’t know the joy.  Walnuts are different and he doesn’t care for them.  I think walnuts are awesome.  The thing I like about nuts is they can be used in sweet or savory dishes, or even eaten by themselves.  Walnuts are a bit harder than pecans.  Pecans almost feel stale or old because they are kind of soft.  Walnuts are hard and they are not as rich, but they are very good and good for you.

Walnuts have Omega 3 fatty acids in them. You might have heard that Omega 3 fat is the fat that we need to consume.  Research has indicated that we don’t eat enough of it AND that it is a helpful and healthful fat.

My research has uncovered 1 ounce / roughly 28 grams has

190 calories
4 grams of protein
18 grams of total fat (1.5 grams of saturated fat and 2.5 grams of monounsaturated fat and 13 grams of polyunsaturated fat)

4 grams of carbohydrates
2 grams of fiber
28 mg of calcium
.82 mg of iron
125 mg of potassium
11 grams of Linoleic acid
2.5 grams of Linolenic acid

The Linoleic acid is the Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  And it is the Omega 3 that we want.  Omega 3 is considered an anti-inflammatory.  As I have mentioned in numerous other posts, anti-inflammatory foods are a welcome part of a healthy diet.  With more and more research pointing to the association between chronic inflammation in the body and disease, it is a good idea to consume foods with an anti-inflammatory effect.

According to the World’s Healthiest Foods site:  Research has shown walnuts to help with cardiovascular health.

They have been shown to decrease LDL cholesterol, decrease total cholesterol, and increase omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells.  Also decrease the risk of excessive clotting and excessive inflammation.

For me, as I mentioned they can be eaten in savory dishes, like with green beans (click here for a green been recipe) or in sweets.  I like to put walnuts in my banana bread, but I don’t because John doesn’t like them and I primarily make the bread for him.  But I do put them in the Banana Oatmeal Walnut Cookies (click here for that recipe).  He actually is ok with them in the green beans and the cookies.  I also think they are a great snack or dessert.

Do you like walnuts?  How do you like to eat them?

6 Responses to “Good Nut”

  1. Very informative article. The nutrition value of walnuts is amazing . I do try to use them in every form that I can. I learned much more from your article. Thanks for sharing.


    • That is GREAT! I love hearing that you use them in every form you can. I really should do that too since I don’t like fish and fish is another great source of Omega 3. I will work on putting them in MY food and not my husband’s. I can add them to my salad and other things that I make separately from his. Perhaps you can share some examples of how you use them?

      Thank you for reading, commenting, and complimenting! 🙂 Have a great day!


      • Due to the great health benefits of walnuts I use them in several ways. I put a generous amount of these nuts in my rice, along with pistachio and cashews. When I bake chicken I put some fried walnuts on the side when serving the chicken. I use them in cooking lamb curry, stir fried fish , salad. I roast some walnuts lightly and make walnut butter in my chopper. Adding a little amount of extra virgin olive oil to it while blending. The butter tastes creamy and super. These are my uses. I hope you will like them. You too have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


        • Ooooh! Nuts in rice. Is that before or after you cook it?

          I have “breaded” chicken and pork with walnuts . . . I like that. I love the idea of cooking them and just using them as a side. Since curry is something my husband introduced to me and he usually uses peanuts, I hadn’t thought about using walnuts. Duh! Thanks for that, that would be more healthful than peanuts.

          I have yet to make any type of nut butter. I will have to try that SOON. I will try to fit it in my schedule for next week and then maybe post about it Saturday!

          These are GREAT uses. Thank you. And thank YOU for stopping by too!

          Tonight I am using my walnuts in my green beans. We received more in our produce box yesterday! Cheers!


          • For boiled rice, put the nuts with the water, and after the water boils the nuts leave out beautiful aroma and there oils in water, then add rice and cook. For fried rice add them in the beginning too. I know you will like them with rice. Thanks for the visit and enjoy your recipe with beans. I made it and its very delicious. Take care and have a lovely weekend.


            • Ah, that is a great method. However, I have not cooked rice on the stove in probably sixteen years. I was just learning how to cook it properly (I was a “peeker” — I would lift the lid to look at it) when I met my husband and he is a “rice cooker” man. I am going to have to experiment with nut and a rice cooker. I know I would love them in rice too. I might just have to add them raw to my own plate. I don’t need to make my husband eat them.

              I am glad you enjoyed the bean recipe. Thanks.

              You have a great weekend too. Cheers!


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