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Thanksgiving 2013

Posted by terrepruitt on November 28, 2013

Today is Thursday, a day a regularly post on my blog.  You know I mainly post about the cardio dance I teach called Nia or food.  I am either sharing something about Nia or a recipe.  But today is Thanksgiving and as I sit here trying to think of something to write before the day ends, I am coming up with nothing.  Nothing, but the usually post of gratitude and thankfulness.  I didn’t want to do that again this year, but it really is so appropriate.  You know I am doing a Goodie Jar where I put good things in a jar.  Well, a lot of that is stuff I am thankful for, but a post about being thankful is a bit different.  I won’t go on and on about it.  I will just say that I am very grateful.

We had a very nice dinner at my husband’s sister’s house.  I brought my camera and didn’t even think about it until we were walking out the door to go home.  I did not take one photo.  Her table was set as lovely as ever.  It was the first time we all were able to fit at one table as not all of the kids made it to dinner.  She made a lovely meal.  We had a nice dinner and a great time.  I am grateful.

I am also thankful for the usual stuff.  And I am thankful for you.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you had a nice day — a Happy Thanksgiving, if that is what you celebrate.  A Happy Hanukkah, if that is your Holiday.  And/or a nice Thursday, if that is what today was for you.  Either way, thanks for being here.

8 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2013”

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you as well and yes this is the day I also feel so thankful and sometimes it’s so difficult to express the feelings of gratitude. Take care and God bless.


    • Hello,

      Did you celebrate Thanksgiving last month?

      Since it seems like every Thanksgiving I post a gratitude post, I wanted to do something different, but I was unable to think of anything to write about because . . . it is Thanksgiving and a day of thanks! So I was kinda on that path. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a great weekend!

      Did you see my last post? Toast with a walnut topper!


      • Yes I did celebrate thanksgiving which I believe we must since we are blessed with so much and I celebrate two thanksgivings one in Canada and one in US. I have not visited your recipe post which I will just now since I do not want to miss that. Thanks for the reply my friend. Take care and God bless.


        • Yay! That is awesome. I wish I celebrated two Thanksgivings. Although I not all that into “Thanksgiving Day Food” so I will just continue to be thankful all year!

          I thought of you when I posted it because you had said on my Walnut post that you try to use them whenever you can. So I thought, “Oh Samina might like this one!” 🙂


          • Thank you so much for thinking of me and no doubt I always think about you when I see recipes and also when exercise of any kind is mentioned. Canadian thanksgiving comes one and a half months earlier than American. Food is the main attraction but what to do. I shut my eyes off and try to enjoy feeling guilty all the time. take care my friend and thanks for the lovely recipe. walnuts are the favorites in my household.


  2. Michele said

    Thankful for you my friend!! Thanksgiving has lasted for 3 days and it was awesome! There is so much to be thankful for, love your blog!


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