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Tips To Help You Move – Nia

Posted by terrepruitt on August 25, 2009

Here are the main points to the 12 tips to help you move with Nia.  These tips are taken from The Nia Technique a book written by the creators of Nia, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.  The book can help you better understand how Nia can be is a great workout and can be just a workout or practice, like yoga and Pilates are practices.   

~Use visual imagery to make movements feel natural.

~Combine small movements with large movements.

~Use your Base, Core, Upper Extremities, breath and voice to add energy and power to your moves.

~Use a variety of speeds.

~Use your joints to move energy.

~Use breath to start and stop the flow of energy.

~Add intensity to your movements by sinking lower and rising higher.

~Shift your body weight–don’t drop it—

~Add emotion to every motion.

~Use your fingers and hands to express how movements make you feel.

~Use your voice as you move, to activate your abdominal muscles.

~Lead your head movements with your eye movements.

While nothing compares to the energy of a live class, the book is a great way to get started or to get you acquainted with Nia.  

These are great tips to help you get more from your workout yet also help it feel less like exercise.

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