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More Smoothie Lessons

Posted by terrepruitt on January 3, 2013

I have been getting a lot of use out of my blender.  I use it almost every day.  There are additional lessons I have learned in the time I have been using it.  The blender shows how many times I have used it, according to the blender I have used it 168 times. I have tested it and the cleaning of the jar that I do after I use it does not get added to the count.  There might be a few extra counts because I’ve blended somethings twice, so the second blend might be added to that, but I haven’t done that often.  Some of the lessons I have learned are really additions to some of the things I have already shared.

In my first post about what I had learned I stated that kale in a smoothie is really bitter.  I thought about this every time I made a smoothie with kale.  It was so bitter.  I didn’t add more than two fruits because I didn’t want that much fruit in a smoothie, but I did put at least two, plus avocado and cucumber, but it still didn’t cut down on the bitter.  I kept thinking about how bitter it was.  I couldn’t understand why it was SO much less bitter when cooked, because when I cook it I don’t cook it THAT much.  I usually just kind of wilt it.  Well, after thinking and thinking all I could come up with was salt.  When I cook kale I cook it with salt and I believe that salt helps with any bitter flavor.  So I tried it in a kale smoothie and voila!  That did it.  By salt, I mean not even a whole shake, just like a little tip of the salt shaker.  I bet that I could count the grains that go into the smoothie.  I am not trying to add flavor but just take a little bitter out.  It works great.  I was so excited to figure this out because I like the idea of being able to “eat” a lot of kale.  I really couldn’t EAT as much kale as I can drink and kale is a great green to add to my diet.

Since I mentioned frozen banana and ice in my first post about lessons I do have some follow up information.  While a cold smoothie is better than a room temperature one sometimes adding FROZEN banana AND ice makes it way too cold.  Drinking freezing cold smoothies in the winter is not that great.  Using a banana that has not been frozen and ice is fine, but using both is sometimes too cold.

Beet greens make a smoothie red.  I used the leafy green part AND the entire stem and the smoothie came out red.  It was rather pretty.  I think it was actually perfect for the Christmas season.  That is when I learned this fact.

While I have not tried freezing a smoothie and then letting it defrost a bit and drinking it, I have let one sit a bit before drinking it, and I have let one sit in the fridge overnight and they do not taste as fresh.  I am sure that is a no brainer, but since I am sharing I thought I would mention it.  The smoothies that have sat out for a bit or in the fridge overnight were still good and totally drinkable, it was just not as fresh tasting!

So there you have it.  A few more things I have learned.  You?  Have you anything to add?

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Super Lessons Of A Super Blender

Posted by terrepruitt on October 11, 2012

A few things I have learned having a super blender and making smoothies. I really wish I would have had the presence of mind during some of these lessons to have taken pictures because I know that being able to see for yourself would have really helped bring the lesson home for you.

I learned kale is really bitter.

I’ve had kale cooked as part of my meal.  I have had kale in a salad, but for some reason kale in a smoothie is really bitter.  It could be that I used A LOT.

I learned a banana should be peeled before freezing.

One night I decided I wanted to try the frozen banana that everyone was talking about was so wonderful in a smoothie.  So I put a banana in the freezer.  The next day it was frozen solid.  It can’t be peeled.  I left it to defrost on my counter and it couldn’t be peeled after that either.  It kind of just poured from the peel into a container.  I refroze it and used it the next day.

I learned not to use more water and/or soap than the instructions instruct you to use when cleaning the blender.

I decided that I wanted the blender to get the lid clean too, so I put a lot of water in it and a lot of soup.  I am not sure that the lid was even secured because it blew off the blender and the water went straight up in the air then landed all over my counter.  And it was magic water because it seemed as if it doubled in volume.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, ZumbaI learned cucumbers do really mellow out the bitter flavors.

I have not used as much kale as that one time, but I have used it and every time I do I think the smoothie is going to be too bitter, but when there is a cucumber involved it is not.  I really like cucumbers in my smoothies.

I learned protein powder also helps mellow out the flavors.

Protein powder DOES make the smoothie chalky and I have not had the desire to drink a completely chalky smoothie so I have not added a whole scoop.  But even a half makes it chalky.  I always taste the smoothie before I add the powder and yup, it makes it chalky, but I think maybe chalky is a flavor because the bitterness of some vegetables are mellowed with the powder.

I have confirmed (because I heard it before I started making them) that smoothies taste better cold.

I was drinking them without ice, then I remembered I had read that they are better cold and so I added ice.  Yes they are.  Although the other day it was chilly here and the thought of ice in the smoothie made me dread wanting to drink one.  So I didn’t have a smoothie in the morning after my Nia class.  But then as the day wore on it warmed up a bit so I had one later.

So, do you have anything you have learned making smoothies that you can share with me so I don’t have to learn the hard way?  Do you have any things to share about a super blender?

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