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Friends For Life

Posted by terrepruitt on March 13, 2010

Ahhhh, so what are you thinking?  Friends that you have all your life?  Yeah, no.  This is about friends for LIFE.  As in friends for health.  As in friends for well being.  It is very important to have good friends.  The definition of “good friends” is vast and we can have a lot of “good friends”, but I believe that we all can benefit from friends that we can connect with.

Most of us have an array of friends in our life, we have people we call friends but they might REALLY be categorized as acquaintances.  We have friends that call us when they need something, and friends we call when we need something.  We have friends that annoy us and friends that don’t.  We have friends that we might not think of often, but that we are very fond of.  And, when we are lucky we have friends that fill us up.  That make us feel good.  They make us feel grounded and connected to humanity.

These friends could agree with us when we need it and tell us to get it together when we need that too.  They could agree with us on something and disagree with us on others.  They can see our faults and ignore them or try to help us with them, but either way, they are there and they are our friends.  I believe that is vital to our health.  I believe that sometimes life needs to be suspended—in between appointments, and kids athletic games, around the Nia classes, the gym, and the yoga practice, regardless of work and responsibilities–you need to be with those types of friends.

Enjoy time visiting with these friends no matter how frequent or infrequent it is important to connect, to refill, to recharge.  It is awesome.

It is as important as good nutrition and exercise . . . . .at least, I think so . . . . I think there are friends for life.

Do you believe that friendships play a role in life/health?

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